Designer Spotlight: Cantoni Irvine Designer Richard Bustos

Richard Bustos Cantoni Irvine designer

“I approach each design project with the same goal in mind: How do I help you create the best living space possible? I tell all my clients that it’s important to me that they thoroughly enjoy their space, from the layout, to the color scheme, to the artwork. When properly executed, all of these elements make a space enjoyable.” -Richard Bustos, Cantoni Irvine designer

Richard is an accomplished residential and commercial designer who has successfully completed a variety of projects around the globe. His projects include luxury hi rise condominiums, stylish lofts, lavish estates, extravagant vacation homes and upscale corporate offices.

Q&A with Richard Bustos:collage

1. Location: Irvine

2. Inspiration: Fashion, art, entertainment, photography

3. Prized possession at home: My Tempur-Pedic mattress (best sleep ever!)

4. Currently coveting: New suit by Hugo Boss, red label

5. Favorite color: BLACK

6. Indulgence: Shoes

7. Soundtrack: Saturday Night Fever” (all time best!)

8. Drink of Choice: A great glass of Cabernet is always on point

9. Favorite Flower: Peonies (wifey’s favorite)

10. Can’t live without: My iPhone 5! Until the 6 comes out…and so on…

To learn more about Richard read his entire bio here.