Happy Earth Day With Ecopelle: Myths, Discussions, and Environmentally Friendly Designs!

In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to take the time to debunk the faux leather myth by taking a deeper look at an eco-friendly alternative to genuine leather known as ecopelle. Many people hold the misconception that faux leather is of poor quality, and although this may be true for some synthetic leathers or vinyls, you may be surprised to learn that this man-made leather that we offer on many of our frames is not only of high quality but is environmentally friendly as well!


Today’s man-made materials are far more sophisticated than they used to be. Ecopelle, the Italian equivalent of “eco-friendly leather” is made of either polyethylene or polyurethane, both being far more superior as well as environmentally friendly than what many remember of “vinyl” of yesterday. With advances in technology and manufacturing processes, textile producers are now able to create a product that not only feels and wears like leather, but looks like it as well, using less petroleum products and doing less harm to the environment along the way.

So now that we know ecopelle is both an earth friendly, high quality alternative to natural leather that maintains a luxurious and natural leather appearance, we want to take it a step further by explaining some other advantages below!

  1. Longevity and Durability: Ecopelle is a strong material that can take more of a beating, something that many families with younger children can appreciate.
  2. Versatility and Less Expensive: Ecopelle can be produced in almost any colors as well as texture, which gives consumers the opportunity to choose what just right for them. The color is also more easily controlled and requires less labor which in turn saves the consumer money.
  3. Easy to Clean: Ecopelle is not only stain-resistant but is water-repellent as well, therefore making it very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Shop our ecopelle items below and make sure to come visit one of our talented designers at your nearest Cantoni location to get a feel for these fabulous and eco-friendly pieces! Happy Earth Day!

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