Bedroom Essentials: Transform Your Bedroom Into a Modern & Contemporary Oasis

At the epicenter of serenity is where you should be when you sleep. Your bedroom is that one place where you can relax and seek refuge after a long and hectic day. By incorporating these 5 bedroom essentials, you can not only create your very own dream space but also transform your bedroom into a modern safe haven.

The Bed: The bed itself naturally becomes the major focal point of the bedroom so it should be both stylish and practical. We love how varied the style of beds from our designers’ projects in the slideshow above are. From low profile frames in luxurious leathers and eco-friendly wood veneers to tall tufted frames in soft fabrics, our wide array of bed frames offer various styles for everyone! The bed is not complete though without a luxury mattress, pillows, cozy throw or soft blanket. These plush additions exude luxury, never mind the fact that they are essential in keeping you extra warm and cozy throughout the evening.

Extra Seating: Additional seating, such as a chaise or bench at the foot of the bed or a comfortable armchair in a cozy corner of the bedroom are essential for creating a more diverse space wherein you can enjoy time alone reading a book or a magazine. Those who are limited in space can also enjoy additional seating by adding smaller seating options like stools or ottomans.

Lighting: Lighting in the bedroom is key for a number of reasons. Other than the obvious fact that lighting serves for practical reasons, it also sets the mood and creates interest. Table lamps featuring an electrical dimmer create a dynamic effect and are practical for those who share a bed. Oversized floor lamps and unique ceiling fixtures or chandeliers add interest and create a high drama effect while remaining practical.

Quintessential Accessories: The bedroom look is not complete until you’ve added key accessories and your own personal touches. Decorative accessories such as throw pillows for the bed, chic candleholders for moments of relaxation, floor sculptures, plush rugs, and hanging artwork above the bed are just a few ways to truly make a bedroom yours. Additional accessories, such as clocks or a leather serving tray add a nice balance between staying on schedule and relaxing while remaining practical. Lastly, floor mirrors are one of the best functional accessories that is crucial for the fashionista and even better for maximizing small spaces.

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