Gamma Arredamenti: Fall in Love with Leather

Gamma Arredamenti Logo-Cantoni Furniture
Distinct style and intrinsic elegance…these are the results of Gamma Arredamenti’s handcrafted workmanship and passion for design.

When it comes to fashion and interior design, leather has always been a staple and for Cantoni, the highest quality of leather is of the utmost importance. As one of Italy’s most prestigious manufacturers, Gamma Arredamenti produces and handcrafts some of the finest modern leather furniture with precision and unsurpassed quality, which we are so proud and honored to carry and display in our showrooms.

Who is Gamma?

Gamma International

For over 40 years, Gamma has been following 2 principles: Continuous research and innovation, without ever forgetting traditional values and a clear vision of the present and an eye on the future. Gamma’s guiding philosophy is visible through every sofa, sectional, and chair they create, from the earliest stages of a design’s inception to processing the raw wood, which will form the structures of Gamma’s sofas, chairs, and sectionals, to its assembly via selecting superior leathers from Italy and Northern Europe, wherein they are “marked out” and cut to to obtain and showcase the utmost quality, and lastly to the final stages of sewing and upholstering, which require the skills and keen eye of a talented craftsman. Gamma, like Cantoni is passionate about modern and contemporary design and dedicated to bringing a customer the highest quality of design.

A few things that we LOVE about Gamma that you may not know…

1. The tannery in Italy with which Gamma works also provides leather interiors for some of the finest automobile brands such as Audi and Porsche as well as high-end fashion handbags like Tod’s and Gucci.

2. Gamma only uses bull hides from Northern Europe, which are thicker, more durable, and larger, allowing Gamma to work with some if not the biggest pieces of leather on the market.

3. Gamma‘s designs have a strong fashion influence. The Dandy Home Collection designed by Giuseppe Vigano and Studio V7 includes pieces inspired by the world of fashion through combinations of various materials and details.

Gamma Arredamenti Dandy Home Limousine Sofa-Cantoni Modern Furniture

4. Gamma offers unique and customized stitching styles from the thickness of the threads to the 450 various color selections.


Gamma Arredamenti Biella Sofa-Cantoni FurnitureHelpful Tip:

An easy way to verify the quality of leather is to look at the back of a couch: large cuts of soft and thick full grain leather represent a quality product. On the contrary, a patchwork composed of small thin scraps of leather which are synthetic to the touch, is a tell-tale sign of very cheap product.

Fun Fact:

When company owners Gabrielle Ghetti and Carla Botti took ownership of Gamma, what was once a small company serving the domestic market  in the district of Forli, they chose to transform the small company into an ambitious industrial project aimed at serving the international and high-end markets. Counter to market trend, Gabrielle and Carla made the bold decision to maintain Gamma’s production entirely in the Forli establishment, which not only allowed them to rely on the creativity, experience, and skills of local artisans and monitor the quality of Gamma’s products, but it was also a decision that further showcased Gamma’s dedication to upholding the values inherent in Italian design. Today, Gamma is known for its international success and has established a permanent American headquarter, “Gamma USA”, which now leads the high-end American market in the upholstery business. To read more about Gamma’s history, click here!