Beautiful Bookshelves: The Essentials

Everything you need to create beautiful bookshelves…

There is no right or wrong way to style your bookshelf…some shelves may be brimming with books while others function as a home to your sculptural and decorative accent pieces. Other than its obvious functional aspect, styling bookshelves is meant to be a fun opportunity for creativity and self-expression. Finding that perfect balance though is key, so today we’re taking a look at everything you need from bookends to decorative boxes to create functional and beautiful bookshelves.

 The Bookworm

While the rest of us are catching up to bookworm status, you actual bookworms can begin styling your book collection. The variation in color, size, and thickness can be arranged into beautiful vignettes. And don’t worry if you’re not much of a reader, coffee table books and that one classic novel you own are great alternatives for stacking and standing.

The ultimate bookstand for the bookworm? The DNA Bookshelf by Cattelan. Support dozens of your favorite books in true double-helix fashion!

DNA Bookcase-Beautiful Bookshelves-Cantoni Modern Furniture


Don’t leave your books hanging! Bookends will not only support your book collection but will also add a stylish and sculptural element to your shelves. Check out our favorites below!

Rail Road Track Bookends-Beautiful bookshelves-Cantoni modern furniturefleming bookends-Beautiful Bookshelves-Cantoni Modern Furniture
                   Rail Road Track Bookends                                              Fleming Bookends

 Artful Accents

When it comes to accessorizing your bookshelves, the goal is to create a balanced and polished look. Our rule of thumb? Accessorize in odd numbers. For those of you who have a smaller book collection and a larger collection of little trinkets and souvenirs from your travels, arranging and scattering them on your shelves is the perfect place for them to live and be showcased.  Sculptural accents, like a few of our favorites below, add an artful element to your shelves too.

Decorative Boxes

Both functional and stylish, decorative boxes safely store all of your little knick knacks and can even be used as bookends or paperweights. We love stacking various sized boxes for a more dynamic and elegant look, and of course in odd numbers…

Serpentine Boxes-Beautiful Bookshelves-Cantoni Modern Furniture Chiseled Bone Storage Box-Beautiful Bookshelves-Cantoni Modern Furniture

                    Serpentine Boxes                                                      Chiseled Bone Storage Box

 Vases and Bowls

Decorating your bookshelf with vases and bowls is a great way to add shape and height to your shelves. Add a splash of color with a bright glass vase, like our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Splash Vessel by Doug Frates or a smaller vase to hold a few of your favorite flowers.

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How do you like to accessorize and style your bookshelves? Tell us in the comments below!