Classic Gray: The Ideal Neutral

Gray inspired rooms-Cantoni furniture

Gray, in all its various shades—from a soft dove gray to a rich charcoal—is the ideal neutral for any interior space. Although often associated with dark and dreary, gray is a highly underrated and versatile color that has a way of evoking so many different feelings and emotions. On its own in lighter shades, the color gray can transform a room into a fresh and tranquil space, while darker shades add an element of mystery and create a high-drama effect. When combined with shine, pattern and texture, gray comes to life and provides the perfect palette for the vibrant colors of spring and summer and rich jewel tones of the fall. Check out our slideshow below to get inspired!

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Fun fact: The human eye can distinguish about 500 shades of gray! And we thought this whole time it was 50…

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