The Power of the Flower: Marimekko Unikko Bean Bag at Cantoni!

“In our homes and our closets, the times called for boldness, spirit and energy. The fashion, music and art worlds influenced geometric shapes and graphic design in home decor. It’s small wonder, then, that a floral pattern designed in protest — ’64 was a milestone year for protests of all kinds, after all — has become an enduring emblem of the pivotal decade in which it was launched.” -Connie Dufner, Freelance Writer

Marimekko Unikko Bean Bag-Cantoni modern furnitureOur Cantoni fans in the Dallas area may have had a chance over the weekend to read that brief excerpt from the “Arts & Life Section” of the Dallas Morning News, but for those of you who did not, we wanted to share writer, Connie Dufner’s full story covering the 50th anniversary of Marimekko‘s iconic floral design also known as the Unikko pattern.

Many of you have probably heard about or seen Marimekko‘s signature design of oversized bright red poppies, but did you know that the flower power inspired design was created in protest? According to Connie Dufner, Maija Isola created the Unikko pattern in protest to Marimekko Founder, Armi Ratia’s statement that the company would never produce floral pattern.

Clearly the protest was a success as the floral pattern has been in continuous production and high demand since its launch in ’64. Now, 50 years later the vintage Unikko’s birthday is being celebrated around the world at exhibits as well as with special anniversary collections. Of course, we had to join in on the celebration of Marimekko’s bold and enduring design…available now in our Dallas store or online, is a Fatboy manufactured ultra comfy Marimekko Unikko bean bag! Get it now for $329, here!

Marimekko Unikko Bean Bag by Fatboy USA-Cantoni modern furniture
Marimekko Unikko Bean Bag

To read Connie Dufner’s entire online story entitled “Home decor: Marimekko’s long-lived flower power,” click here!