Solitaire Table Makes Cameo in Last Vegas Movie #FlashbackFriday

“You talkin’ to me?”

Malerba Solitaire Cameo in Last Vegas movie-Robert De Niro-Cantoni Furniture

If you’re a fan of the acclaimed actor, Robert De Niro, you know exactly what we’re talking about…but as much as we love the legendary quotes De Niro has made over the years, this #FlashbackFriday gem is in honor of one of our close friends and man behind the House of Malerba: Robi Malerba.

Every year for the past 30 years, Robi travels all the way from his home in Italy to visit each of our Cantoni locations to meet and greet our fabulous clients and introduce Malerba‘s newest collections. So we wanted to say thank you by sharing one of Malerba’s handcrafted designs, the Solitaire Table, which made its first cameo in the 2013 American comedy film, Last Vegas!

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