Modern Design Goes Cowboy Chic

modern designDesign inspiration can flourish from just about anywhere. Whether it is sights overseas, a piece of art, or something you saw around your own town, creativity can spark and the outcome can be something fabulous. That is exactly what happened in our Dallas store when our Founder and Chief Energizing Officer, Michael Wilkov, received the unique gift of a horse saddle. Sleek modern design and a rugged horse saddle… How on earth do you put those together? When your job is creating great modern design the answer is simple—Cowboy Chic.

Our Dallas visuals team set to work pulling together furniture and accessories energized by the recently acquired saddle and our flagship store’s Texas roots.
A light, neutral color palette set the tone for the space while natural woods and silver metallics added just the right amount of cowboy flair to the space.

Love the space? Want to mix your own style with the cowboy chic look? Shop some of our favorites below or click here to shop them all!

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