Xelo: 5 Reasons Why We Love This Innovative Floor Support

Xelo TV stand-black-CantoniXelo Tv Stand-white-Cantoni

We all need a little support every now and then…give your TV the support it so deserves with the Xelo TV Stand!

At first glance, you might ask yourself, “What on earth is that?” Well, we’re glad you asked! Xelo is an innovative and functional floor support designed to support plasmas and LCD monitors of up to 52 inches! So now you’re probably wondering what’s so great about it…? Well you have to get to know Xelo to truly appreciate her design and beauty…

Here’s 5 things we LOVE about Xelo:
  • Original: Xelo will immediately captivate your attention with her unique design. Her long and curvaceous vertical stem is unlike any other TV stand, proving she is destined to take on the leading role in the spaces in which she is inserted.
  • Versatile: Xelo can live harmoniously in any environment, whether that be in your home or in a business setting. In fact, Xelo has been utilized in stores and showrooms as well as for various specialized installations such as television sets, presentations, and promotional events in both private spaces and public areas.

Xelo TV stand-CantoniXelo Tv Stand-Cantoni

  • Italian Made: Like many of our luxurious designs and collections, Xelo is a pure Italian design from Paxton, an Italian company whose purpose is to devise solutions and innovative designs for the furnishings and fitting sectors.
  • Functional: Due to her rather large frame, Xelo may look heavy, but she is surprisingly lightweight and can easilyXelo TV Stand-Cantoni be moved around by one person, thanks to her construction of composite materials. To add to that, Xelo’s sleek vertical stem is as functional as it is stylish in that it is desiged to store and conceal all the cables. At the back of the stem, towards the bottom, there is a small hatch where the cables come out, thereby preserving the appearance of the support. And if that isn’t enough style and functionality packed into one stand, Xelo also comes with an optional and removable clear shelf which inconspicuously sits on the vertical stem.
  • Exclusive: Xelo is available in the U.S. exclusively at Cantoni…need we say more?

Intrigued by Xelo‘s innovative and unique design? Want to know more? Check her out for yourself at one of our store locations nearest you or take a look online for more info on pricing and color options here!