Put a Vase in Your Space: Easy Ideas for Decorating with Vases

Empty corners, bare table tops, lonely mantles…they all have one thing in common: they’re lacking a beautiful vase! Vases are not only a fun and easy way to spruce up any section of your home but they are also versatile in that they are made in a wide array of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials. While some vases are bold enough to stand alone, others can be filled with your favorite floral arrangements and/or beautiful branches. Learn more about how easy and fun decorating with vases can be and put a vase in your space!

decorating with vasesOversized Vases are particularly fun to decorate with. They can either stand alone as beautiful works of art or filled with fresh flowers, branches, and reeds. The bronze vases featured in this project by Marty Buchanan and Janet Baker  not only create an instant focal point but also blend perfectly with the brown neutral color scheme.

decorating with vases Transparent Vases placed in front of glass windows and mirrors help the room appear full and vibrant. In this project by designer Josh DeLaFuente, the combination of reflecting and transparent glasses makes the room look as if it is made up entirely of mirrors and vases. In reality, this room only has mirrors on one wall and features only three of the blue vases. This illusion makes this room feel cool, fluid and full.

decorating with vases Textured Vases tend to stand out even if they are in a neutral color, as featured here. The intricate yet subtle design and pattern on these grey, ceramic vases will instantly add interest to a dull space. Also adding vases in a neutral color with subtle texture make mixing and matching with other patterns and colors an easy task. The Slate Vases are available in large and small.

decorating with vases Corner Vases are a wonderful addition to a lonely section of your home. These metallic vases offer a textual contrast in this dining room designed by Marty Buchanan. It’s easy to find a place for large floor vases in modern homes. The shine from these vases are a quick eye-catching accessory placed in an otherwise overlooked corner.

decorating with vases Colorful Vases instantly brighten up any spot in your home and are a great way to add a slight pop of color to a neutral color scheme. Try our Spire Vases that come in a wide array of colors. Whether you combine colors or arrange the same color but in its various shades, these popular, skinny vases will immediately transform any tabletop into a work of art!

decorating with vasesTall, Long Branches added to a vase create height and drama. Create your own centerpieces by filling your vases with your favorite combination of florals and branches like Cantoni designer, Marty Buchanan does in this high-rise living room. The bright orange florals in addition to the branches instantly liven the space and add a pop of color that matches perfectly with the subtle orange and red accents used throughout the space.

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to further explore the wonderful world of vases! To help get you started, we’ve selected a few of our favorites below! See something you like, but not sure where to put it? Come visit one of our talented design consultants at your nearest Cantoni store! And just remember, you can never go wrong when decorating with vases, so have fun!!

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