RE-VIVE By Natuzzi: Reviving the Reputation of the Recliner…

Some people indulge in sweets, others in savory bites, but here at Cantoni we indulge in innovative, modern design. Our latest indulgence? The world’s first performance recliner…

RE-VIVE by Natuzzi-Cantoni Modern Furniture

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, cumbersome levers and years of sacrificing style for comfort…Meet Re-vive by Natuzzi, an intuitive chair that mimics and responds to your every twitch and turn.

What you need to know:

  1. The Re-vive Recliner moves like you move. There are three flex movements: twist, lumbar, recline and they all work Re-vive by Natuzzi-Cantoni modern furniturein unison to deliver fluid natural motion.
  2. The Tilting Ottoman follows your body’s lead, tilting to your leg and foot angle effortlessly and providing responsive support and comfort while aiding circulation.
  3. Re-vive comes in four upholstery designs, each tailored in quality Italian leather giving you the option to also choose between four metal base finishes, four stitching styles, two sizes (queen and king), and a wide range of contemporary colors.
  4. The High Density Core provides strong, dynamic support by spreading weight evenly for ultimate comfort.
  5. Re-vive has officially hit Cantoni’s Dallas and Houston floors!

So, what are you waiting for? Come in for a visit and discover the best seat in the house!