What’s Your Sectional Preference? Decorating with Sectional Sofas.

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“A sectional helps pull a room together by adding comfort and style. One larger piece often times helps the space look less broken up and choppy giving the room uniform, clean lines.” –Bernadette Capellaro, Cantoni designer

It’s no surprise that Cantoni designers love decorating with sectional sofas in their projects. They’re easy pieces that take up space while actually creating more room for guests to gather and engage with one another. Sectional sofas are a great choice when trying to maximize seating. They are practical for any sized room by offering accommodation and comfort at the same time.

Sectional sofas offer so many choices. There are endless possibilities when adding a sectional to your home. Some of the options available when customizing your sectional are: love seat, corner wedge, chaise lounge, sofa bed, non-reclining chair, sofa, or recliner. You can mix and match any of these pieces to create the perfect piece that fits your room’s layout and size.

“Most sectional styles will have components that may be mixed and matched to fit almost any room. They can make a big contemporary statement if used in multiples for extra large spaces or try one scaled down to use as a corner piece.” –Mercedes Williams, Cantoni designer

A Contemporary Sanctuary by Richard Bustos
A Contemporary Sanctuary by Richard Bustos

Sectional sofas are great when used with an open floor plan. It can be difficult to define rooms when there are no walls to separate them. Using a sectional sofa helps to create a border in place of an actual wall between the living room and another room. With the sectional, it can be clear which area is the living room space.

Check out some of the ways Cantoni designers have utilized sectional sofas in different spaces!

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