First Look at Cantoni’s All-New Leolux Gallery

All Cantoni stores are well known for featuring a variety of inspiring and sophisticated vignettes and settings that are constantly changing to help clients envision how pieces could look in their home. At our Dallas, flagship store, we have the luxury of space to play with concepts such as “shop-in-shop” stores. These mono-branded spaces feature select lines like Natuzzi Italia, Cattelan Italia, Calligaris and our latest Leolux. Visual Display and Special Projects Manager Anne Mancuso, and her talented team have created a one-of-kind space that perfectly captures the spirit of Leolux. This vivid and eclectic new space is one you truly have to see to believe.

“Leolux is one of our few lines where you can just go crazy putting together. Their set-ups in other showrooms are so bright and over-the-top with color that it allows for a lot of room to be creative!” Anne Mancuso

Anne took her inspiration for the new space from a Leolux chair that was featured in Aubergine. It was the first color that came to mind when she thought of Leolux.

Leolux gallery at Cantoni in Dallas, Texas.Each corner of the new space is decorated in a way that illustrates the true spirit of Leolux. Items are arranged to showcase and highlight each piece of furniture individually while the ombre purple wall, large ceiling fixtures, colorful rings of fabric and gold chains create a fun, yet cohesive feeling for the space.

The fabric chains showcase how resourceful Anne and her team can be when creating Cantoni’s unique furniture displays. Not only are they visually stimulating, but they are also functional in that they creature a partial ceiling and curtain for the space. But better yet, they were made with discontinued fabric samples that would have otherwise been thrown out!

About Leolux
Leolux Design Center in the Netherlands.
Leolux Design Center in the Netherlands.

Founded in 1934, Leolux was known as ZNC until joining with a new designer who had risky, modern ideas. Inspired by the coat of arms of their founding business, the company combined the proud lion from ZNC’s logo with the idea of modern luxury to create the name Leolux.

Their mission is “making sitting a pleasant experience” and ensure that their products are “lovely from the outside and smart from the inside” by using quality craftsmanship and high-technology to create their furnishings.

Leolux prides itself on being a family-run business. Their name is a synonym for distinctive design, high in quality, while being comfortable and durable.

To learn more about Leolux and view our fabulous selection of furnishings from the bold and modern line, click here! And be sure to check out the space during your next visit to our Dallas showroom! 

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