This Thanksgiving, Give Your Hostess The Mostess!

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts

Find the perfect gift for the hostess with the mostess!

Who is the hostess with the mostess? She is the ultimate entertainer who, despite her crazy schedule, goes above and beyond to make each and every special occasion even more meaningful, which is why she deserves a gift that is anything but generic. So, forget the wine this Thanksgiving and show her your appreciation with a gift from Cantoni that she is bound to love now and for many years to come!

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts from Cantoni

Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts-Butterfly Votive Candleholder
Butterfly Votive Holder
This mouth blown and hand cut little crystal vessel is classic and timeless. Perfect for special occasions and every day use, the Butterfly Votive offers versatility as a candleholder or a small bowl for serving.
Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts-Twilight Hurricane
Twilight Hurricane
Unlike an ordinary candleholder, this elegant cylinder of lightly smoked glass is large enough to stand on its own or be grouped in multiples of the 2 sizes as pictured above to create a dramatic focal point and table centerpiece!
60698-nambe bella candlesticks
Bella Candlesticks Taper Pair
For the hostess whose taste is classic and simple, gift her the solid Nambé alloy Bella Candlesticks, which she can add to her Thanksgiving table, display on a serving sideboard or at either end of her fireplace mantel.
Bella Frame 8x10
Bella Frame 8×10
For something sentimental, gift her an artfully crafted frame wherein she can display her favorite people and places. Here we have the Bella Frame, which brings an air of refined modernism.
Bead Frame 5x7-Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts
Bead Frame 5×7
While the Bella Frame is the perfect sentimental gift for the modern entertainer, the Bead Frame has a more traditional look with a hint of vintage elegance.
16799-Lily Bowl
Lily Bowl
This beautifully crafted glass bowl is one that any design aesthete would love and treasure. Not only will she appreciate its sculptural shape and design but she will also love how well its fall-inspired amber tones fit in perfectly with the rest of her Thanksgiving decor!
Vanessa Irregular Shaped Bowls-93242
Vanessa Irregular Shaped Bowls
Why gift your hostess one bowl when she can have two? The uniquely shaped Vanessa Bowls feature an ivory porcelain exterior combined with a complementary metallic gold interior finish that is as fashionable as it is timeless.
Braid Centerpiece Bowl
Braid Centerpiece Bowl
Here’s a bowl with endless design possibilities, perfect for the dynamic hostess. This sleek glass bowl featuring artful gleaming chrome coils acts as a beautiful centerpiece for those special occasions and can also be used daily to store and display her favorite fruits!
71607-Braid Condiment Server
Braid Condiment Server
Of course the hostess with the mostess’ table is brimming with all of the delicious classic dishes we all love. Give her a gift she can use to organize all of the necessary condiments with this trio of stunning wood bowls for a polished and stylish table setting.
Braid Serving Tray
Braid Serving Tray
The avid entertainer can never have too many trays! And thanks to the Braid Serving Tray’s blend of bright metal and rich grain wood, it works in casual, formal, and even eclectic surroundings, and complements virtually any dinnerware pattern.
Princeton Mirror Tray
Princeton Mirror Tray
Every holiday party needs a touch of sparkle! Here’s a set of trays that will do just that! Perfectly functional as serving pieces, when they’re not being used at one of her fabulous dinner parties, she can use them as a dramatic accent to display a few of her favorite things.
26756.-agate coastersjpg
Agate Coasters
What girl doesn’t love the gift of jewels? Like jewelry for your home, these unique Agate Coasters will provide protection against stains while bringing a little jewel-toned beauty to your hostess’ cocktail tables, desks, and consoles.
Lacquered Box with Agate
Lacquered Box with Agate
Oh what fun we have with these gems! And we know that your hostess will too with these Lacquered Boxes with Agate. Choose from our various sizes and agate colors to find the one that will best match her style and decor.
85967-Marble Bookends
Marble Bookends
The perfect gift for the hostess whose shelves are brimming with books, these Marble Bookends will not only help to better organize her favorite novels but will also add a touch of glam and elegance to any display.
Thanksgiving Hostess Gifts-Vintage Two-Tone Salad Servers
Vintage Two-Tone Salad Servers
Love that delicious salad the hostess makes every year? Show her just how much with these Vintage Two-Tone Salad Servers in purple or green. And as pleased as she’ll be with their colorful, vintage design, she’ll be even more thankful for their functionality…in other words they are dishwasher safe!
92449-Globe Bud Vase with Orchid
Globe Bud Vase with Orchid
Lastly, you can never go wrong with the gift of a a beautiful vase. A classic Nambé piece and one of our customers’ favorites, the Globe Bud Vase combines a round, tapered band of Nambé Alloy and a glass center into an objet d’art suitable for any room in the house. And as a bonus, it comes with a white silk orchid, just in case she doesn’t have time to get the real thing…


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