Ring in the New Year with New Italian Design

At Cantoni, a new year means another 365 days of style! And what better way to ring in the new year than with new, innovative and sophisticated pieces designed and crafted by notable designers in Italy? We could not be more eager to welcome these new arrivals to our showrooms and online website.

From structured tables to bookshelves to funky stools and accessories, these unique pieces bring both visual interest as well as contemporary style. for the beginning of another great year at Cantoni!

Senior Buyer David Boxer is particularly interested in Italian design and craftsmanship. He explains that what he loves most is the designers’ ability to think outside of the box.

“They approach design and manufacturing as an artist approaches the canvas or a sculptor his stone or clay. The results are often thought provoking and always unique.” -David Boxer, Cantoni Senior Buyer

Take a look at some of the stylish items we are so thrilled to introduce to Cantoni!

28954Note Bookshelf

A musical stave where the notes are the books which are arranged to the owner’s liking to reflect the image of a personal melody. The Note Bookshelf is visually distinguished by the combination of the horizontal element, the shelves, with the vertical element, the beams. The shelves and beams are made of wood and are arranged in specific color combinations.

“As an avid reader, I find the combination of words and music to be magical.” David Boxer, discussing one of his favorite pieces, the Note Bookshelf.

Muffin Accent Table/Stool73614

The versatile Muffin can be used as a stool or an occasional table.  Inspired by the molds used to make the simple “American Cakes,” Muffin adds sweet touch to any setting. Deliciously adorable and available in red or grey, the Muffin can be used for both indoor or outdoor enjoyment.

15822Orion Cocktail Table

Inspired by one of the brightest and most easily recognized constellations, the Orion tables are unique in size and shape.  It is made up of stacked rings at the base and a top covered in glass. Available with a matte anthracite grey frame and extra light black glass top, this table is beautifully crafted.

Scoop Bar Height Stool71344

Another original design, the Scoop stool is colorful and creative. Made of polyethylene, this stool is available in orange and white at Cantoni, but can also be special ordered in yellow and grey. It is perfect for all occasions as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor enjoyment!

Prora Dining Table

The Prora Dining table is a study in contrasts. The acid-treated versions have a textured, matte finish as opposed to the smooth, glossy finish of regular glass and the lacquered finish of the imposing legs laser cut from steel. With integrated extension leaves on each end, the Prora is always ready to entertain.

We are thrilled you’ll be joining us for another fabulous year at Cantoni! With great modern designs such as these new arrivals, we’re certain it will be our best year yet!