Silver Bells and So Much More: Metallic Gift Guide Items

This year, the Holiday Gift Guide features many metallic items for people who deserve a little extra sparkle. Take a look at our metallic items mood-board for some holiday inspiration!



Brightly Bottles With Stopper – Set of 3:rimg-4.php

Ready, jet set, go! This trio of glass bottles with stoppers is space age modern with retro sophistication. Beautifully crafted to bring the right amount of contemporary with a metallic touch.

Bead Frame:rimg-1.php

Show off your treasured moments in frames that are as full of vibrant personality as the family and friends displayed within. Wonderful Beaded Frames in silver plate have a hint of vintage elegance, like treasured mementos from another era. Note how the playfully bowed sides add a definite fashion-forward note, and the beaded edges invite the eye without overpowering. An inspired design choice in casual and eclectic settings as well as more traditional surroundings from new Nambé designer Maureen McTamney.

Globe Candlesticks: rimg-6.php

With playfully curled bases of shining Nambe alloy, the Globe Candlesticks appear almost weightless—nearly floating on air—as the flames flicker toward the night sky. But in fact, these pieces are deceptively sturdy; that’s the genius of award-winning designer Neil Cohen, whose creations are brilliantly engaging, and fabulously functional. Stunning with silver and crystal, these pieces take up very little table space, and stand 5” and 6.5” tall. Insert tapers of your choice at the apex of the curve. A fabulous gift for design-savvy family or friends.

Silver Menorah:rimg-8.php

One of the oldest symbols of the jewish faith, Lunares’s contemporary interpretation takes its inspiration from the California manzanita tree. The entire piece is hand-sculpted from our proprietary silver alloy. This Menorah is eco-friendly and made entirely of recycled materials.

rimg-11.phpBraid Serving Bowl:

The intricate braid on the rim of the medium Braid Serving Bowl adds an irresistible touch of style. Set it out and watch how the pattern picks up the light, and how the lovely texture and lilting shape draws people to it. This piece can be warmed or chilled before serving; the Nambé alloy will retain its temperature for a conveniently long time. The medium size is perfect for anything from marinated shrimp on ice to a chilled pasta side dish.

Braid Centerpiece Bowl: rimg-2.php

This sleek glass bowl with gently curved corners is lifted off the table by artful coils of gleaming chrome. A combination of the brightly textured metal base and the serene expanse of glass give the Braid Centerpiece Bowl a unique freshness and aesthetic sensibility. Gorgeous in elegant and contemporary settings—and the design possibilities are unlimited. Heap in something colorful like dried flowers or candies, or for a dramatic nighttime effect, try flowers and tea candles floating in water.

rimg-5.phpFoley Mirror Mosaic Boxes – Set of Three:

For a contemporary, sleek small storage solution, the Foley Mirror Mosaic Boxes are the perfect choice. Adding a combination of classic and contemporary to fit any room setting. These boxes catch and reflect light in a magical way. The Foley Mirror Mosaic Boxes are trendy and timeless.

Forma Cheese Knives – Set of Four:rimg-9.php

Designed by Denis Santachiara with the precious co-operation of Accademia Barilla, the Forma knives are made of 18/10 steel and will be a precious and elegant addition to your cheese dish.

rimg-2.phpCresent Round Hammered Platter

Beautiful for display or serving, the Crescent Round Hammered Platter features a stunning combination of metails in polished and hammered finishes.

We hope we’ve made your gifting a little easier this year with these stunning recommendations from Cantoni’s Holiday Gift Guide. We’re certain you’ll be the most popular person at this year’s gift exchange! Be sure to check out the full gift guide for all of your shopping needs. Happy Holidays from Cantoni!

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