How to Create a Cozy Winter White Bedroom

In the spirit of the winter season, today we’re exploring beautifully styled winter white bedrooms! White tones naturally evoke a sense of serenity and relaxation, a must when it comes to your bedroom. Designing an intriguing space with a monochromatic color scheme however can be somewhat challenging–which is why we turned to Cantoni‘s talented design consultants for some helpful tips. Here’s what they had to say…

TIP #1: Texture, Texture, Texture

A monochromatic color scheme requires texture to give your sleeping space character and interest. Incorporating and layering various pieces such as our faux fur pillows and/or throws and ivory or cream linens with patterns are just a few ways to add depth and visual interest.

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TIP #2: Vary Tones

Varying the tones of white will further add texture and dimension to your space. Winter white is a warm tone of white that has the slightest tint of beige. Try a soft winter white throw on crisp white bedding with natural wood nightstands. This will add that dimension, while adding an element of coziness and warmth at the same time.

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TIP #3: Select Pieces of Interest

When it comes to designing an all white space, it is important to select pieces of furniture and lighting that make a statement. Remember the importance of texture when selecting pieces too. Think leather headboards, lacquered dressers, embellished lamps and/or chandeliers…start with those bigger pieces like the bed, nightstands and lighting and the rest of your design will follow.

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TIP #4: Accessorize

Once all of the major white components have been selected, the fun part can begin: accessorizing! Just as you would any other space, add in decorative items such as soothing candles or candleholders, frames, chic storage boxes and even artwork. Incorporating metallic accents in opulent golds, shimmering bronze and sparkling silvers are also a great way to add a little glamour and variety to the overall look of your space.

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As you can see, white is anything but boring when done right. For more advice on how to create your very own winter white bedroom, give us a call at 1.877.881.9191 where you’ll be connected with one of our expert design consultants!