Design Trends That Need to End


What’s out for 2014 and “IN” for 2015?



In 2014, we saw a number of design trends, including the emergence of gray, “the ideal neutral,” metallics, and tufted furnishings, just to name a few. While we loved many of 2014’s trends, whether they will continue into 2015 is another story…

It’s no secret that trends come and go…we’ve all got our opinions on what’s in and what’s out, but if there’s one person who isn’t afraid to share her feelings about which design trends should stick around versus the ones that need to disappear for good, it’s Anne! So, with that in mind, we asked Cantoni’s Visual Guru, Anne Mancuso about the trends she feels need to end along with what she’s looking forward to seeing in 2015! Check out what she had to say along with this helpful infographic to follow along!

Ask Anne-Trends that need to end

    1. Reclaimed Wood: Floors, walls, stumps, trunks, tables, accessories, and art, you name it, you can find it covered in reclaimed wood. But according to Anne, we’ll be seeing a transition towards warmer woods in reddish and pink tones as well as pieces covered in walnut.
    2. Inspirational Word Art: “Keep Calm and Carry On” seems to be just about everywhere, available on any sized canvas in just about every color. Yes, we all need a little motivation every now and then, and a big or small sign featuring inspirational quotes or phrases are a great way to achieve that. But as far as incorporating these inspirational words into our home decor and calling it art? Time to hang it up, or in this case take it down…
    3. Vintage: Everything old is new again is still old in Anne’s opinion. Antiquated telephones, rusty typewriters as accoutrements and weathered and worn luggage as furniture has been all the rage. In her own words, “Unless it’s the typewriter your granny wrote love letters to your gramps with, adding these vintage objects to your home for effect instead of affection will almost always look like an affectation.” Gotta love that Anne Mancuso…! She did mention that Scandinavian design is making a comeback as an overall style–think minimal, modern, causal and colorless.
    4. Chevron: Although popular for a few years now, Anne has had enough of this pattern. “It definitely had its moment,” she said. “We even painted an entire extra-large wall in the Dallas showroom in the striped pattern, which I am thrilled to report will morph into a pixelated wall made from paint chips by the end of the month.”
    5. The Many Shades of Gray: Last but not least, we can all admit to falling for gray in 2014, from the many shades to the man himself. Gray, in all its shades was the ideal neutral for 2014 and although we will still see this soft, yet masculine neutral around Cantoni’s showrooms, expect to see a new neutral taking over: Navy!

Agree or disagree with Anne? We want to hear what you think! Tell us in the comments below what you won’t miss from 2014 and years passed as well as what you’re loving now for 2015! 

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