Golden Opportunities: Decorating with Gold

Golden items and accessories are timeless pieces that always give that hint of royalty. Gold comes in many different shades and finishes so there will always be a golden opportunity for you to incorporate it into your home! Brighter, shinier, dark or muted golds are common shades for accessories and finishes found on various furnishings in many of today’s interiors.

Remember that not all golds are created equal and depending on your taste and other decorations it is up to you to decide which shades or finishes work best for your space. Even a small piece will give off a glamourous feel.

Gold can also be incorporated without a shiny finish. Colors such as marigold or wheat can be used for a less flashy look. These colors transform your room into a warm and inviting space. Look for noncommittal pieces that are easy to mix and match with your other existing decorations. These types of pieces can be easily moved from room to room to create a lavish touch.

Get into the golden age with these elegant gold pieces from Cantoni!


Wish your home was a gold mine? Let us know what pieces you’d like to see in your space in the comments below! Shop even more decadent gold items here and at!

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