Let’s Be Perfectly Clear: Decorating with Glass Furniture

It’s transparent, reflective, and when incorporated into your home decor, glass furniture and accessories exude elegance and sophistication. Furniture and accessory pieces in clear and transparent glass are a versatile decorative element that offers a unique opportunity for background colors and patterns in a room to shine through.

Add a clear glass coffee table to your living room for example, and that special rug you couldn’t live without remains the star of the show! Decorating with glass furniture, like a sleek glass dining table will take up less visual space, allowing even small rooms to feel larger and more spacious. And to add even more sheen and light to a dark corner, clear glass accessories, regardless of material, will do just that as they reflect the light from inside and out.

See how we decorate with glass furniture to create a classic, modern, and sophisticated look and feel, in the slideshow above, and get the look with a few of our favorite transparent furnishings and accessories below!

Get the Look!

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