Hello Yellow!

Cold, winter weather got you down? Beat the winter blues by brightening your interiors with nature’s sunniest shade. Yellow, the color of sunshine is a happy, energetic, and fun color that not only has the power to lift our spirits but is also the perfect color to welcome the spring season and warmer weather. Whether used in a bold or subtle way, yellow in all its shades will instantly add warmth as well as liven a dull room. Get inspired and discover tips along with various ways to infuse your interiors with the sunny shade!

Vases & Table Decor



1. Bluma Vase 2. Honeycomb Floor Vase 3. Geordi Small 4. Art & Cafe Mug 5. Glenn Centerpiece 6. Marisol Vase

There are many variations of the color yellow. Darker shades, like a golden yellow add warmth and regality to a space while lighter shades add an element of calmness, quite the opposite of bright yellow, which instantly catches the eye.

TIP: Add yellow accessories in small doses. The eye will go directly to the bright object without any trouble.




1. Claire Chair 2. Electa Arm Chair 3. Amelie Side Chair 4. Red Carpet Arm Chair 5. “For You” Stackable Side Chair 6. Red Carpet Pouf

When we think about the color yellow, we immediately think about warm, cheerful things found in nature like sunshine and sunflowers. Bring the outdoors in and add a ray of sunshine with bold, yellow dining chairs or a comfortable armchair. These items will bring a sense of playfulness and excitement to your space in addition to acting as an immediate focal point and eye-catcher.

TIP: To create unity within your room, use the same shade of yellow across the board.

Occasional Items & Storage


1. Match Table 2. Red Carpet Table Lamp 3. Dorian Storage Box 4. Inside Wall Box 5. Estoril Bookcase 6. Tucker Accent Table

Yellow brings a lighthearted and welcoming feel to any dull room. It is a positive color that stimulates new thoughts and ideas. Pair yellow with white for a bright and refreshing look and feel or with gray for a modern and casual look.

TIP: Use bright and energetic tones of yellow to create impact in any room.

Which yellow items would you incorporate into your home? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to check out additional furnishings and accessories in in the fun, spring and summer-inspired color here on cantoni.com/shop!

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