Orange Crush: The Most Vibrantly Underrated Color

This month, we’re crushing on a brilliantly bright but somewhat overlooked color: orange! Orange, in its various shades, from a subdued or muted tone to a bright, cheerful shade instantly bring warmth, energy, and just the right amount of pop to any space.

When used on its own in a bright hue, orange can make a bold and lasting statement, while its darker tones can add an element of sophistication. Pair the vibrant and underrated color with a complementary hue such as blue for an extra fresh look and feel.

It’s clear that the color orange has the ability to energize a room depending on whatever shade you use. Check out these gorgeous rooms from projects created by Cantoni designers featuring the vibrant color!

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We hope we’ve inspired you to explore the wonderful world of orange in your home! Don’t forget to shop all of our beautiful products inspired by the infamous color here and at!