Spring Cleaning: Getting Organized With 6 Smart & Stylish Storage Solutions

We’ve got spring cleaning on the mind and with that some helpful and easy ways to get you started. It’s all about starting small. We get that the concept of this seasonal tidying-fest might seem daunting, so to help you overcome the first main challenge, (merely starting, that is!) we’re focusing strictly on getting organized and bringing back some order to your home with smart and stylish storage solutions.

Open Shelving

Whether you’re looking to bring order to your living room, kitchen, or even your dining room, open shelving provides surface area to display the belongings you love in a smart and stylish way. Open shelving units, like the Inside Wall Boxes by Calligaris pictured above, not only create a dynamic visual display, they act as the perfect storage solution for small spaces too!

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Decorative Boxes


Small boxes, medium sized boxes, or large boxes–store and organize anything from tiny treasures to extra pillows and blankets. With multiple storage and decorative boxes handy, you’ll always have a home for your everyday objects!

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Tratto Low Sideboard

Declutter your dining room with a functional and aesthetically pleasing storage solution: sideboards! Since most sideboards are designed to house primarily china, stemware and silverware, in addition to any mundane necessities, such as bottle openers and coasters, you can be assured that you’ll always be ready to tackle any last minute entertaining. The sideboard, however isn’t limited to storing dining essentials. Whereas some may use the dining room as a formal eating area, others use this space as a working area. Thanks to the variety of drawers and shelves built into most sideboards, you can easily store those extra supplies so that your dining table remains clear and your dining room maintains its primary function–eating!

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Estoril Bookcase
Estoril Bookcase

Going through the dozens of books and novels you’ve collected over the years may not sound too appealing to you, but perhaps the idea of a beautiful bookcase on which to display your literary collections does! Once you’ve tackled the hard part (actually deciding which books to keep and which ones to get rid of) the fun part, where you get to style your bookshelf can begin! Just think of all of the extra room you’ll have made once the clutter and mountains of books disappear (never mind the beautiful, new display!)

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Coat Hangers


The winter season may finally be subsiding but we can still expect to feel a cool, crisp spring breeze in the air. For those chilly days or unexpected spring showers, you’ll want to have a light jacket, umbrella, or maybe even a hat handy. Dumping a coat or sweater here and there on the couch or across a chair isn’t the solution…try out one of our modern coat hangers and you’ll discover that not only is it a practical and convenient solution, but its sculptural design offers an element of style too!

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Magazine Storage 

Basket Storage Box-gray

Some people collect books, others magazines. Even in the digital age, many of us still enjoy the feel of a glossy magazine and the rustle of a thick newspaper. The only down side to that though is the possibility for pile up and clutter. Consider a modern magazine rack or our fashion inspired magazine bags to store all of your periodicals in stylish manner.

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Who knew organizing could be so enjoyable? To discover and browse even more smart and stylish storage solutions, click here and feel free to share your spring cleaning ideas and suggestions in the comments below!