How To Style a Coffee Table Like a Pro


The coffee table is frequently referred to as the heart of the living room, which is why it should be both stylish and functional. Achieving that effortlessly chic look however can be somewhat challenging. We turned to our designers for their expertise and compiled a list of their top 5 tips with what items to use and how to arrange them. Read on to discover how to style your coffee table like a pro!

1. Try a Tray

Adding a tray to the coffee table is always a great starting point. Practical and stylish, a tray corrals smaller items and also helps to break up the surface, especially with larger coffee tables. When styling your serving tray, our designers suggest using items in various heights (to add interest) and arranging in odd numbers.

2. Stylish Storage

Your coffee table naturally provides surface space and storage for some not so Pinterest-worthy items (remote controls–cough, cough). Consider adding 1 or 2 decorative boxes to your coffee table to function as a catchall for all your little knick-knacks. Not only will your coffee table now have extra aesthetic appeal but it will be organized too!

3. Add a Pop of Color

Fill a colorful vase with bright blooms or try a bold rug underneath your coffee table to give it the backdrop it needs to really pop out.

4. Add Layers

Add layers to your coffee table by mixing tall and short. For example, you could display a collection of small sentiments alongside a stack of your favorite books and top them off with a sculptural piece, like our set of beautiful agate coasters! These types of accents will give your coffee table that decorative element it needs while showing off your personality at the same time.

5.  Don’t Over-Clutter

Like we said before, the coffee table naturally provides great space for storage; however, it is also the focal point of your living room, meaning everybody is going to look at it. Resist the urge to cover the entire surface in order to keep it neat and tidy.


Now that you’ve got the tips for how to style your coffee table like a pro, you’ll definitely want to check out our favorite, coffee table essentials + accents below. Happy styling!