Industrial Interior Design: Get the Look!

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A wooden table paired with metal chairs. Exposed pipes and ducts. A kitchen with stainless steel countertops. These are just a few key traits of industrial interior design. Today we’re taking a look at the growing trend that adds a chic edge to any space, from small apartment lofts to extravagant modern mansions and commercial buildings.

With steel beams, concrete, exposed brick and other raw elements as the source of inspiration, industrial interior design is as much about function as style. It’s about unexpected contrasts and the juxtaposition of bare light bulbs, and iron and steel frames, alongside soft accents, and furnishings featuring textures and finishes in wood, lacquers or metals. Shop our favorite picks to incorporate this elegant, luxe look into your home!


1. Hampton Bed 2. Apex 1-Light Large Pendant 3. Scope Wall Clock 4. Dallas Chandelier 5. Horse Head Sculpture 6. Frame Box 7. New York Side Chair 8. Loire Dining Table  9. Crate Stool 10. Barrel Cocktail Table 11. Nasdaq Desk 12. Arch Floor Lamp 13. Oliver Sofa 14. Bertoa Barstool 15. Phase Bookshelf

What are your favorite industrial interior design picks? Sound off in the comments below!