Fall Decorating Ideas

The transition from summer to fall gives you the perfect excuse to update your space with new furniture, décor, and accessories for a fresh, new look. Give your home a mini makeover with these 8 autumn-inspired home decorating ideas:

1. Festively fresh color combo

Create a fresh, fall look with an orange and white color scheme. White furniture paired with a few orange accents creates a sophisticated balance.

Designed by Elizabeth Lewis & Josh Delafuente | Photo by Terri Glanger
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2. Pumpkin decorIMG_0347

Add some festive decor with a simple display of pumpkins. Stagger heights by using stacks of books for visual interest or a small pedestal like we did in the picture below!


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3. Set the mood

Create a sultry and sophisticated setting with stylish and soft lighting from floor lamps, to table lamps to chandeliers. Not only will cozy lighting add warmth to your space, but it will also light the way through the dark, winter nights ahead.

calimero 05

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4. Natural elements

Incorporating wood into your design scheme just about always adds an extra touch of warmth and texture to any space. We love anything walnut for a more modern sophisticated vibe and reclaimed woods for a more rustic and vintage-inspired look.


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5. Get cozy

Give your space a cozy, inviting feel by swapping out pillows in lightweight summer fabrics for chic, faux fur or velvet ones in rich fall, shades. Add in a few coordinating throws for that extra snug vibe.

Designed by Terri Mechanic | Photo by Lydia Cutter
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6. Warm up to new hues

Don’t limit bright and bold colors to spring and summer. Take a cue from Mother Nature’s shifting shades to help pick your palette. Try a splash of saturated hues in cerulean blue, radiant red, gourd green and pumpkin orange to re-energize your space.

Designed by Sarah Buehlman | Photo by Lucas Cichon
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7. Bring the outdoors in

Add some foliage by filling a planter with some greens or fresh flowers to a small vase and place them throughout the house. If you’re hosting guests over the holidays, don’t forget the guest room too!

bedside close-up
Photo by Terri Glanger
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8. Warm metals

Last but not least, dress up your interiors with jewelry for the home: metallic accessories, of course! Mix and match warm golden and bronze hues with cool chrome finishes to add sophistication, elegance and a touch of glam–perfect for the holidays ahead!

Designed by Elizabeth Lewis & Josh Delafuente | Photo by David Deleon
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What are some ways you make your home fresh for fall? Share in the comments below!