Hosting for the Holidays? 5 Simple Ways to Add Some Extra Pizzazz to Your Party

giftguide5-SMALLHosting for the holidays?  Check out our 5 simple ways to add some extra pizzazz to your next party, from sculptural serving pieces to decor that sparkles and shines!

1. Get the Glow

Everyone and everything looks better in great light! Dress up your tabletop and create a warm glow with our modern candleholders or hurricanes embellished in chrome and copper accents.

hosting for the holidays
1. Tri-Corner Candlesticks 2. Gold Banded Hurricane 3. Globe Candlesticks 4. Loop Candleholders


2. Sparkle & Shine

Nothing says holiday more, than with sparkle and shine! Dress up your sofa and give it that brand new look and feel with glitzy pillows in embellished metallic accents.

hosting for the holidays

1. Zig Zag Accent Pillow 2. Silver Streams Accent Pillow 3. Maggie Accent Pillow 4. Trinity Accent Pillow


3. Serve in Style

Holidays are the time to go all out and indulge in your favorite eats and treats. Create a stylish spread with our sculptural serving pieces in embellished woods and stainless steel accents. These eye-catching vessels will make your delicious spread truly impossible to resist!

hosting for the holidays

1. Braid Serving Tray 2. Braid Serving Bowl 3. Braid Condiment Server 4. Bella 18″ Platter


4. Lift Their Spirits

What better way to get your guests in the holiday spirit than with a festive cocktail?  Whether you’re serving up your famous seasonal recipe or decide to break open that special bottle of wine you’ve been saving, our vibrant barware will add the perfect punch to the party!

hosting for the holidays1. Lab Martini Glasses (Set of 4) 2. Lab Decanter 3. Lab Glasses (Set of 4) 4. Lab Martini Pitcher


5. Flower Chic

While fancy arrangements can make for a beautiful centerpiece, why not try clustering your favorite flowers in a mix of vases to add an unexpected pop of color? Planning for multiple gatherings? Swap out flowers for decor that will last, like woody branches, evergreens, or even palm leaves.

hosting for the holidays

1. Stockholm Vases (Large + Small) 2. Crystal Vases with Agate (Amber Agate + Smoke Grey Agate) 3. Dipped Petra Ball Vases (5.5″H +8.5″H)


Got any holiday hosting tips you think we missed? Share in the comments below!