Inside a Luxurious Haven in Vegas


Cantoni design consultant Terri Mechanic mixed rhythm with romance to create the ultimate private getaway.

On a random night, longtime Las Vegas transplant Donna Curry had a dream: she owned a modern, angular house with floor-to-ceiling doors opening up to a panoramic golf course view. She called her realtor, who told her he’d seen the exact house she described – but it was no longer on the market. A little (or a lot) of persuasive magic later, and Donna found herself in the exact space she’d envisioned.


The home’s angular structure was the ideal base for a glam-meets-sleek luxury escape. “I already knew I wanted soft contemporary — not too edgy, but modern,” she says. “A fun, feminine space to call my own.”


A friend fortuitously led her to Cantoni in Orange County, and the creative chemistry was immediate when she met 16-year Cantoni design consultant Terri Mechanic. “We clicked instantly,” Donna says. “It was as though she was reading my mind – we had the exact same style. I would create something in my mind, and then she would put the pieces together.”


Terri says the two promptly bonded over blending the arts, furniture and fashion. “That’s my design philosophy, and that’s where we clicked,” she says. “We are so different and come from totally different places, but it’s always about the creative flow. We communicate on an artistic level.”


Terri took inspiration from the home’s expansive views of the mountains, golf course and sparkling lights of the Strip at night to create Donna’s ultimate private club-inspired hideaway. Through many late-night phone calls, texts and emails, the two selected paint, wallpapers, rugs and light fixtures for each room in the 8,000-square-foot home, which has a multi-level floor plan. “It’s a moveable feast of art,” Terri says.


Curry_17 Terri sourced much of Donna’s new pieces from Cantoni’s Malerba collections out of Italy, including the Secret Love, One & Only and M Place lines. Donna was often privy to pieces before they were even on the Cantoni showroom floor, and she took part in hand-selecting works of art with Terri as the final step of the design process.


“I learned how to layer,” Donna says. “We started with the basics and then layered, and it all made sense and came together. It has a warm, comfortable, elegant feel. It’s the perfect space to call my own.”

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