Pro Tips for Designing Custom Entertainment Centers

Our Houston design consultant, George Saba shares 5 helpful tips for designing custom entertainment centers.

Creating a perfect hub for all your audio and video needs, custom entertainment centers offer the full package–it’s no wonder more and more people are integrating these creative and functional compositions into their living rooms. While you can never go wrong with a classic entertainment unit, modular wall systems offer a wide range of layout options that can adapt and expand with your changing needs and maximize your space. With so many compositions and finishes available, how do you decide on the right combination for your home and lifestyle? We turned to our Houston design consultant, George Saba for his expertise.

Check out his helpful tips below and scroll through the slideshow above for design inspiration!

  1. Take Inventory: Take note of all current electronic equipment (i.e. TV, DVD player, cable box, gaming console, soundbar, subwoofer, etc.) Include any other items or memorabilia you might want to store or have on display, such as books, DVD’s, or games. As you construct your unit, think about which locations would work best for all of your devices. Once you have decided where each device will go, add equipment shelves or floating shelving to add a unique and custom touch to your design. Allow for a few open spots as well, providing space for your system to grow.
  2. Allow For Proper Ventilation: Electronic equipment like amplifiers, surround sound systems, karaoke or gaming equipment emit a great amount of heat, so creating a venting flow from within is crucial. We source top quality venting grills that can be applied to our custom wall units.
  3. Infrared vs Radio Frequency Remote Control: Unless you’re using a universal remote with radio frequency, you will need to make sure to have a direct line of sight between your remote and corresponding component (TV receiver, DVD player, etc.). Our Pianca units can be customized with a see-through “Stop Sol” glass mirror or smoke grey see-through glass to allow for infrared reception. Alternatively, if the glass front does not appeal to your style and you’d prefer a solid material in a wood finish for example, you can purchase equipment like a Hidden IR Repeater System, which lets you store your equipment out of sight, yet still operate it with an infrared remote control.
  4. Stay Connected: In addition to accounting for the quantity of equipment you have or intend to buy, it’s also important to take note of the cables that will be connected and how that will affect the overall scale and depth. Think about where all of the cables from each device need to be connected to and create a design that will cover and allow the devices to be properly connected to its designated place.
  5. Choose Your Style: When selecting the materials and finishes of your unit, take into account your surrounding décor and lifestyle. If your space is more neutral, consider adding a fun color in either a matte or glossy finish. Our Pianca units offer endless options and combinations from various rich woods to glass mirrors and high gloss and lacquered finishes in bold colors, pastels and neutrals.

Your entertainment center is an important aspect in your home, and it’s one of your most utilized spaces. Take advantage of savings during The Entertainment Event and book an appointment with one of our talented design consultants to create the entertainment center that’s perfect for you, your home and style!