Artist Spotlight: Carrol Boyes

When Carrol Boyes first began designing house ware items back in 1989, she recognized that while cutlery addresses people’s needs, it’s traditionally quite boring and unadventurous. As a result, she decided to take these utilitarian objects and give them a fun, whimsical twist.

Carrol Boyes HeadshotTo this day, the distinguished South African artist continues to combine a unique combination of humor and style in her modern and innovative designs that have become recognized around the world as timeless and distinctive. Made from the highest quality lead-free pewter, aluminum and stainless steel, Carrol Boyes’ tableware and home accessories are perfect for the home, kitchen, or office. Also known as Functional Art, Carrol Boyes’ sculptural one-of-a-kind pieces are functional for every day use and make for great gifts too.

Below, we’ve put together a few of our favorite Carrol Boyes pieces, which are available to purchase online here or at one of our stores. Click here to find a location near you.