Pro Tips For Maximizing Your Outdoor Space

Summer is officially in full swing, which means it’s time to turn our decorating attention outdoors and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. Whether you’re working with an expansive backyard or a small patio, your outdoor space deserves the same amount of love you’d give to your indoor space. After all, the best part about summer is being able to relax and gather with friends and family outside! To help you get started on your outdoor oasis, we asked a few of our talented design consultants for their tips and advice on making the most of your outdoor space–big or small! Here’s what they had to say:

1. Break out the bar (cart).

“Use a bar cart and fill it with all the entertaining necessities: Booze, mixers, ice, glasses, plates, etc. Not only does it serve as a nice conversation piece, but it’s compact enough to fit into a small or narrow space. And best of all, when you’re low on supply, you can wheel it back inside to replenish. My personal favorites are our Mollino bar cart and Profil trolley bar.” –Danna Mao Cantoni, Orange County


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2. Cue the lights.

Uma Sound Lantern-small

“Mood lighting is key to a beautiful outdoor scene. Scattered votives filled with tealights, large pillar candles in hurricane lamps, or one of my personal favorites, our portable Uma sound lantern, can instantly add ambience and create an intimate feel for your next dinner or cocktail party!”
Tathienne Thiele Cantoni, Dallas


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3. Try out your green thumb.

“A key stage setter for me are plants and tons of flowers. Green ficus, figs, palm trees, and floral filled pots are a great source of color, plus add a sweet aroma.”
Kohl Sudnikovich, Cantoni Atlanta


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4. Conversation seating


“To make the most of a small outdoor space, I would recommend creating an intimate four-chair seating area for conversation. Opt for seating with an open woven back versus bulky cushioned chairs or sofas as those can make your space look smaller and tight. Complete the look with throw pillows. Not only will they aid any back discomfort, but they’ll also add visual interest.” –Bedra Spencer-Taylor, Cantoni Houston


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5. Side Tables

SEAS-Bowness + Geo stools

“When it comes to your seating area, coffee tables and side tables are an essential design element. Not only do they help tie the space together, but they also function as a surface to rest your drink on, serve snacks, and even kick up your feet. And if you’re really tight on space, consider using stools. They can serve the same purpose, but unlike a side or coffee table, stools can also provide an extra seat when you need it, all with a minimal footprint.” –Valentina Cannito, Cantoni Los Angeles


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