Q&A with Malerba’s Creative Director, Telemaco

We are very excited to announce that Malerba’s latest collection has made its debut stateside. For over 30 years, the Italian furniture maker has conceived and crafted many exclusive lines for Cantoni. This latest collection, entitled Fashion Affair, includes a full range of luxurious, coordinated furniture as well as home decor, including tables, chairs, dressers, and more.

We sat down with Malerba’s Creative Director, Telemaco to discuss the inspiration behind the new line. Keep scrolling to discover what he had to say.

What was your inspiration in designing this collection?

The collection is a modern interpretation of Art Deco furniture. We took inspiration from the original design of the era and stripped it down to its most minimal elements, elevating with luxurious materials and modernizing with our Italian aesthetic.


We love the mother of pearl details, how did that come about?

The mother of pearl accents are a nod to my extensive travels throughout Asia. I wanted to add an understated embellishment to the collection that wouldn’t detract from the simplicity of each unique piece. It’s a beautiful material that also serves a functional role, doubling as a one-of-a-kind handle on the nightstands, dressers and buffets in the collection.


Tell us about your collaboration with Malerba?

I’ve been fortunate to work with Malerba for over a decade. They’re world-renowned for their expertise in high gloss lacquers and exotic woods. It has been an incredible journey collaborating with their skilled team on each new collection. Each year, we introduce new designs rooted in Malerba’s rich history that cater to the evolving needs of our clients. We focus on timeless design and continue to set the industry standard for luxury and craftsmanship.


What are some of your favorite design elements within this collection?

We wanted to create a sense of lightness to honor our modern interpretation of Art Deco design. We were able to achieve this by designing the buffet, nightstand and dresser with eye-catching tapered legs and the dining tables with sculptural bases.


We’ve never seen color incorporated into your designs. What inspired you to choose as bold of a color as red for the buffet’s interiors?

Like the mother of pearl details, I was inspired during my travels. Red is a very prominent color in the Asian culture, representing luck, happiness, and prosperity. From a design perspective, it is such a classic color. When you open the cabinet and see that bold red, matte lacquer finish, it is both unexpected and interesting– providing that “wow” factor.



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About Malerba:

Malerba is a family-owned artisan furniture factory that was founded in 1946 by the fathers of Roberto and Massimo Malerba. Located in the town of Pesaro, Italy, Malerba has earned the reputation as a leading luxury furniture manufacturer. Over the past seven decades, the Malerba family continues to passionately conceive and artfully craft timeless pieces and collections that provide a fully coordinated look for the dining room, living areas and bedroom along with complementary lighting and occasional items. Malerba is available exclusively at Cantoni in the United States.