5 Dining Room Design Tips to Make Room for Guests

Whether you’re an avid entertainer or new to the game, the holiday season offers the perfect opportunity to host multiple friends and family gatherings. From Thanksgiving feasts to Christmas dinner and fall cocktail and dinner parties in between, now is the time to start getting your dining room ready for it all. Here are our five tips to help you maximize seating and create a versatile dining space for every occasion.

1. Consider an Extendable Table

Extendable dining tables are the ultimate entertaining solution. Versatile and easy to adjust, most extendable tables feature hidden leaves that open effortlessly to accommodate a large number of guests and close when the party is over. No matter how big your crowd or how small your space, we have plenty of styles and options, like the Elvis, which goes from a small console table to a large dining table as well as our Giro Table, a compact round table with hidden leaves that easily swivel to reveal a spacious dine-ready surface. SHOP EXTENDABLE TABLES>

2. Gather ‘Round (Tables)
Fashion Affair Round Dining Table

If a large rectangular table or one that extends doesn’t work within your space, a round dining table is another way to go. You’ll find that it’s also easier to fit more chairs around a circle than a square or rectangle. As an added bonus, round tables encourage conversation since everyone can see and hear each other, making for an overall warm and inviting atmosphere. SHOP ROUND TABLES>

3. Get Cozy with Narrow Chairs

If you’d like your guests to be happy and hopefully return, making sure they’re physically comfortable is a top priority. Ideally, each person should have about 24 inches to themselves at the table for elbow room. But if you’re expecting a large crowd, you can also expect to get a little cozier. Narrow chairs will help to make that easier to do. Our Aida, Anna H, Kefir, Bella H, Cruiser and Toro dining chairs are just a few of our many ultra-comfy chair options that take up as little as 17-18 inches of space. SHOP DINING CHAIRS>

4. Pull up a Bench

Adding a bench to the dining room is a great space-saving option that can typically seat more guests in less space than chairs would require. Plus, a unique and organic bench like our Bella or Vintage wood benches can add an eclectic flair to your space. The best part about benches is that they’re versatile and multi-functional. So when you’re not entertaining you can easily move it to the bedroom, living room, or entryway for extra seating or use as a surface for books and magazines. SHOP BENCHES>

5. Add a Storage Piece to Serve Double Duty

In addition to providing a convenient and nearby home for all your serving pieces, dishes and glassware, a buffet or sideboard can also provide extra surface space for serving family and friends. Use the top to arrange a buffet of food, a drink station, or even delectable desserts. SHOP BUFFETS & SIDEBOARDS>

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