Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests in 10 Steps

Inviting loved ones into our homes to celebrate the holidays is what the season is all about. But getting ready for guests can seem overwhelming. Fret not! It’s easier than you think. All it really takes is a bit of planning and execution. Follow these 10 simple steps and we guarantee your guests will not only feel comfortable and welcomed but will want to return time and again.

1. Keep Cozy Blankets Handy

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Cantoni.

Having extra blankets readily available will help to ensure your guests are happy and comfortable. Go for luxurious plush throws, like our faux fur or cashmere blankets. Not only will they keep your guests feeling extra cozy but they’re also an easy way to add warmth and texture to your existing décor.

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2. Bring in Task Lighting


For those of you planning on having guests share bedrooms, incorporating small table lamps or hanging lamps will help to keep evening disturbances to a minimum and both guests happy.

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3. Set Out Nightstand Essentials


Sometimes it’s the little things that make guests feel special and at-home. Setting out simple things like a bottle of water in case they get thirsty in the middle of the night and a catch-all for small items like jewelry help to ensure they get a good night’s sleep as well as keep track of their belongings.

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4. Create a Cozy Corner

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Cantoni.

Got an empty, unused corner? Give your guests another place to sit and relax other than on the bed by bringing in a comfortable chair for a cozy reading nook. Another option (with space permitting, of course) is to add a bench at the foot of the bed. In addition to providing a place to sit, benches can also offer a surface to lay out outfits for next day’s event.



5. Give Guests a Warm and Inviting Welcome


Having an obvious place for your guests to put their stuff the minute they walk through the door will help to make them feel more comfortable and at-home. Bring in chic storage boxes for shoes as well as hooks or a coat rack to hang jackets, scarves, and bags so they don’t have to awkwardly stand around holding them.

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6. Add Storage Space


By the same token, creating storage space for your guests’ luggage and clothing will also make them feel less like they are encroaching upon your territory. Make room in your dresser by clearing out a drawer or some hangers in your closet.

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7. Lift Their Spirits


What better way to get your guests in the holiday spirit than with a festive cocktail? Make sure to stock your home bar with plenty of booze and bar essentials including wine glasses, cups, ice and mixers. And for those of you who don’t have a home bar, you can build your own beverage station with a bar cart or make space on an existing side or console table–as long as it’s easily accessible, you can guarantee to have happy guests.

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8. Set Out Coasters

Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Cantoni.

If you plan to build a drink station, make sure to lay out coasters on your coffee table and by the bar. Not only will they protect your furnishings but will also add to your decor.

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9. Put Out Light Reading Materials


Having extra books and magazines easily accessible in your living room or a cozy corner will help to not only keep your guests entertained but also make your space feel more inviting.

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10. Add Fresh Flowers


There’s nothing like coming home to fresh flowers. Putting out a pretty vase or two in your guest room is bound to make visitors feel special, plus they’re an easy way to liven up the space.

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We want to hear from you! What are some of the ways you get your space ready for guests? Share in the comments below.