Living Room Layout Ideas + Inspiration

When it comes to decorating any room in the home, knowing where to begin can be a somewhat daunting and intimidating experience. There are so many aspects to consider like personal aesthetic, budget, lifestyle, just to name a few – which is why we recommend starting first and foremost with the furniture layout. Today, we’re focusing solely on the living room.

Below, discover the 3 elements or (the 3 F’s) we believe are key to creating the perfect living room layout and be sure to keep scrolling to see some real-life examples from our expert designers to further guide and inspire you.

1. Flow:

Before arranging your furniture, think about traffic flow. Can you get in, out and around the seating area as well as from room-to-room with ease? Think of the pattern that foot traffic will take and arrange the furnishings for the best use of that space.

2. Function:

What function does the room serve? Determining this will help you decide what type of furniture you may need and want. For example, if you’re planning to use it for both relaxing and entertaining, consider creating cozy, conversational seating areas by positioning furniture face-to-face with side tables and coffee tables for easy accessibility to reading materials, drinks and snacks. If designated the ”Netflix and chill” room, then furniture arrangement is more obvious and should be oriented towards the TV.

3. Focal Point:

Deciding on a focal point will further help with space planning. Once that is determined, the furniture arrangements can fall into place around it. A focal point can be anything you want. Some living rooms have the advantage of a great outdoor view or a cozy fireplace. But if your space is lacking a specific focal point, you can always create one, through eye-catching artwork, lighting or a bookcase.


Get inspired with some real-life living room layouts created by our talented designers and be sure to click on each image to take the full home tour!

An Urban Oasis | Cantoni Dallas
Designed by Eugenio Reyes, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Michael Hunter

In this particular layout, the space is an open, living and dining area with the TV and the outdoor view as the main focal points. First, to help define the two areas, Cantoni designer, Eugenio Reyes positioned our Biella Sofa facing away from the dining room. He also incorporated a rug in both areas to help anchor each area. Lastly, he arranged the sofa and two armchairs face-to-face to not only allow for easy conversation but visibility of both the TV and the beautiful greenery outside.



A Serene Sanctuary | Cantoni Los Angeles
Designed by Bernadette Capellaro, Cantoni Los Angeles | Photo by Amy Bartlam

In this expansive living room, the focus was to erase the lines between indoors and out. Cantoni designer Bernadette Capellaro took advantage of the great outdoors while also taking into account the other focal points in the room: the grand piano, fireplace and TV. Since the living room served as a place for both relaxing and entertaining, she created two large seating areas around the main focal points, which could accommodate not only a large party but allow for easy traffic flow from inside to outside as well.



A Sophisticated Hideaway | Cantoni Dallas
Designed by Craig Rubright & Janet Baker, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by David Deleon

If you don’t have the luxury of space but still want to create a cozy and inviting seating area, consider arranging four (or two) lounge chairs to face each other over a shared coffee table like Cantoni designers Craig Rubright and Janet Baker do here. Finishing touches like colorful accessories and a soft area rug help to anchor the space while also adding texture and interest.



Villa Quantum | Cantoni Dallas
Designed by Nicole George, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Cody Ulrich

Another way to create a cozy and inviting layout suited for socializing is through symmetry. Here, Cantoni designer Nicole George created a unique and balanced layout by mirroring two custom curved sofas face-to-face. The circular layout not only helps to further promote conversation but also allows for guests to enjoy the home’s gorgeous views and warm open fire pits, no matter where they’re sitting.



A Builder's Dream Home | Cantoni Dallas
Designed by Stephanie Stephenson, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Michael Hunter

In this mid-century modern living room, the TV and fireplace act as the main focal points. Cantoni designer Stephanie Stephenson selected our sophisticated McQueen Sectional as the main seating piece and oriented it towards those two focal points. She then built around the sectional by adding two custom armchairs on one end and our ultra-comfy Ease II Lounge Chair and Ottoman on the other with a warm wood coffee table in the middle of the grouping to create a U-shaped conversation area. Lastly, she paired an arched floor lamp with the chair and ottoman to offer ample lighting for cozy, fireside reading.

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