8 Ways to Warm Up Your Home this Winter

There’s nothing like coming home to a warm and cozy space especially during the cold winter season. Read on for our tips and tricks for cozying up your home along with the must-have pieces to get the look!

1. Fire it Up:
Designed by Angela Watson for Cantoni Houston | Photo by Lauren Logan

There’s nothing like the warmth of a roaring fire during the holidays. And for those of you who might not have a fireplace, you can create a similar effect by placing a group of hurricanes filled with pillar candles in a focal area of the room.

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2. Add Rugs:

During the cold winter months, having something super soft underfoot is a wonderful way to add warmth and cozy elements to any room. And your feet (or paws!) will certainly appreciate it too.

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3. Warm Woods 
Designed by Stephanie Stephenson for Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Michael Hunter

Walnut and dark finishes are the natural go-to for making a space feel cozy and lived-in.  It’s also very versatile in that it acts as a neutral, so it looks good with just about any color. Cherry, oak, and maple can have the same effect and can feel modern in a light, neutral space.

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4. Go for Gold

Bronze, copper and gold accents are an excellent way to add warmth and lightness to your décor, plus they can be very glamorous and festive during the holidays.

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5. Keep it Cozy
Designed by Bonnie Sly for Cantoni, Irvine | Photo by Amy Bartlam.

Placing warm throws throughout your home will not only make your interiors look cozy but keep you cozy too. Drape them over your sofa for easy accessibility or across dining room chairs for an especially inviting scene.

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6. Let it Glow 

Create a comfortable and cozy ambiance with soft lighting. Opt for lamps with a diffuser to offer that warm glow or consider switching out your light bulbs. For a warmer, more golden glow, choose bulbs with 2,700 Kelvins or less.

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7. Pillow Perfection
Designed by Pamela Satterly for Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Laura Sumrak

Decorative pillows have the ability to instantly and effortlessly transform your space. A good strategy for selecting pillows is to start with a solid, a pattern, and a textured fabric and connect them through color. And since we’re trying to warm up over here, the softer, the better.

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8. Bring the Beach Home

Missing the sunshine? Create your very own paradise with picturesque artwork that will give you a taste of summer all year-round.

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What are some of the ways you get your home cozy for winter? Share your thoughts in the comments below!