6 Quick Ways to Refresh Your Bedroom

Though the bedroom is arguably one of the most personal rooms in your home, it tends to be the most overlooked in terms of décor. We get it–it’s not being put on display like say the living or dining room, which are often where we spend time entertaining or hanging out with friends and family. But with just a few quick and simple updates, you can wake up your bedroom and transform it into a relaxing retreat you’ll be thankful to escape to after a long day.

1. Change Up Your Lighting
Sophisticated Urban Living at YOO on the Park
Designed by Kohl Sudnikovich, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Anthony-Masterson

Switch out table lamps for hanging pendant lights to save some table space or make a statement with a dramatic chandelier. Got a dark corner? Consider adding a floor lamp to brighten it up.

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2. Bring the Outdoors In
A New Contemporary for Dallas Newlyweds
Designed by The Dallas Design Team | Photo by David DeLeon

A beautiful vase filled with fresh flowers or even a simple stem can instantly add life, color, and a pleasing scent to your bedside. Plants are also a great option that depending on the type can thrive in both darker or light-filled spaces, plus they help to filter the air and increase oxygen. 

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3. Swap Out Wintery Throws and Pillows
A Boldly Colorful Home
Designed by The Houston Design Team | Photo by Michael Hunter

If you plan to switch out your bedding for a lighter alternative, this is the perfect opportunity to also swap out decorative pillows and blankets for something more seasonally on point. Consider a bright color or playful pattern. Even if you don’t end up changing your bedding, adding new decorative pillows or throws is merely a fun and easy way to further enhance your bedroom décor.

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4. Hang Some Art
A Contemporary Retreat
Designed by Angela Watson, Cantoni Houston | Photo by Michael Hunter

Dress up an empty wall with fresh, new prints that embrace the spirit of spring. Think bright colors, beachy landscapes and anything inspired by nature. If you have a large wall to work with, consider hanging a gallery wall. (See “Gallery Walls 101” for our expert tips.)  In addition to art, modern wall sculptures are also a fabulous option that offer a 3-dimensional effect.

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5. Clear the Clutter
Oscar Coat Hanger
Featured: Oscar Coat Hanger

Picking up clothes off the ground and organizing little things laying around will go a long way to making your room feel orderly again. If everything has a home, maintaining a tidy bedroom will be a breeze. We offer plenty of stylish storage options like chic coat racks for clothes, cute catchalls for those smaller items and storage boxes for anything in-between like pillows or blankets. 

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6. Add a Rug
A Stylish California Escape
Designed by Bernadette Capellaro, Cantoni LA Outlet, | Photo by Amy Bartlam

Modern rugs are a great way to add extra color, texture, and pattern to just about any room but they’re especially nice in the bedroom to serve as a soft landing pad for morning feet. Not sure what size is right for your space? Check out our helpful guide: How to Choose an Area Rug.

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Ready to hit refresh on your bedroom? Visit us at your local Cantoni store or set up a complimentary consultation with one of our talented design consultants who will work with you one-on-one to help you find exactly what you need. 

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