Durable Designs for Indoors and Outdoors

It’s that time of year when the temperature begins to rise and all we want to do is be outside. Having multifunctional pieces that are durable enough to easily transition from indoors to outdoors makes it that much easier to spend more time in the sun and less time thinking about it. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite modern and durable designs that have been expertly crafted to work just as well on your patio as within the walls of your home.

1. Basil Chair

Whether dining indoors or al fresco, our Basil chair is amongst our favorites due to its lightweight, durable and ergonomic design. Constructed of 100% recyclable polypropylene, this funky chair is not only anatomically shaped for maximum comfort and back support but is also designed to weather the outdoors thanks to a special double-layer coating process. The raised rib that runs along the center of its seat follows the form of a basil leaf, thus the inspiration for its name. Available in a variety of fun, summer inspiring colors, the Basil chair is also stackable to help save on space. 


2. On-the-Move Side Tables

The ideal sidekick indoor or out, our On-the-Move side tables go wherever you go thanks to its lightweight material and easy-to-grab handle. Not only does this little side table work double time indoors and outdoors but it also serves double duty as a table and serving tray, which can easily be removed for effortless entertaining. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these simple yet stylish side tables are constructed of highly-durable marine grade powder coated aluminum to weather the elements beautifully. 


3. The Couple

Serving as an abstract representation of love and passion, The Couple is a unique, hand-painted metal sculpture designed by artist Miren Ixtaso. While the metal symbolizes the strength and unbreakable love and trust between a couple, the hand-painted work represents the dedication, passion, and patience. Whether displayed indoors or out, this unique piece is bound to make a bold statement.


Designed by Pam Satterly, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Laura Sumrak
Designed by Nicole George, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Cody Ulrich
4. Uma Sound Lantern

A modern take on the portable lantern, the revolutionary UMA Sound Lantern by Pablo Designs combines an energy-efficient LED lamp with a Bluetooth-enabled speaker in a portable form to deliver soft lighting and your favorite tunes wherever you wish. Invoking the primal symbol of the lantern and the warmth of a campfire, UMA is the perfect centerpiece for social gatherings and intimate moments indoor and out.


5. Dansk Lounge Chair

An equally stylish and durable seating option for your indoor or outdoor lounge, the Dansk chair combines high-quality all-weather materials while lending a sophisticated midcentury modern look and feel. Its seat and back are upholstered in a white outdoor ecopelle, also know as Skai Neptun, which is exceptionally weather-proof, dirt resistant and durable. We especially love its natural teak base, which not only adds a touch of Danish flair but also requires very little maintenance. The beauty of natural teak is that it ages naturally outdoors, gradually changing to a soft-silver grey, which can be very beautiful.


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