Small Dining Room Ideas to Steal

Convinced that your home is too tiny to fit a dining table and chairs? Think again. These small dining room ideas executed by our expert designers prove that with the right furniture, creating the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a meal is easier than you think. 

1. Expand a Nook
Sophisticated Urban Living at YOO on the Park, Cantoni Atlanta
Designed by Kohl Sudnikovich, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Anthony-Masterson

When it comes to small space living, it’s all about being resourceful. Take a cue from Cantoni designer Kohl Sudnikovich who maximized an unused corner in the living area above with a small round dining table and set of chairs. A circular table is a great option in this particular set-up as its round shape not only takes up less space but also allows for better traffic flow, which is key in a room that receives higher foot traffic, like the living room. 

2. Maximize the Kitchen Island
A Modern Smart House, Cantoni Houston
Designed by George Saba, Cantoni Houston | Photo by Michael Hunter

Offering extra surface for meal prepping as well as the perfect spot to serve up a buffet, kitchen islands are certainly an ideal layout for the everyday chef. As if they weren’t versatile enough, kitchen islands can also serve as a comfortable and casual place to enjoy a meal. To offer maximum functionality for a family of four, Cantoni designer George Saba maximized the space by extending the kitchen island pictured above with a custom, warm wood built-in table that is just as well suited for enjoying a quick cup of coffee as it is for savoring a full family dinner.

3. Choose Dual-Purpose Pieces
A Luxuriously Calming Escape, Cantoni Atlanta
Designed by Pam Satterly, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Laura Sumrak

Although a conventional dining table might not be feasible when space is limited, a clever multifunctional table, like a modern extendable dining table is a great small-space solution that is also practical for everyday use. Cantoni designer Pam Satterly transformed the living room pictured above into a versatile and multifunctional space with our Dakota table, which not only extends horizontally to comfortably accommodate up to 6 guests but adjusts vertically as well to serve as a chic cocktail table. 

4. Go Round 
Living Large in a Luxury Landmark, Cantoni Dallas
Designed by Benji Rodriguez, Cantoni Dallas | Photo by Michael Hunter

This space designed by Cantoni’s Benji Rodriguez proves that you don’t have to skimp on style because of square footage. The trick? Using a round dining table, which takes up considerably less space than a rectangular table by maximizing the proportions of the room while providing maximum seating. Insider tip: Since you’re not competing with corners, round tables make it much easier to pull up an extra chair or two. 

5. Use Streamlined Furniture 
An Architecturally-Inclined Townhome
Designed by Kohl Sudnikovich, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Morgan Blake

When square footage is limited, opt for dining furniture with a minimal, streamlined design that won’t clutter your space. Here, Cantoni designer Kohl Sudnikovich selected cantilevered dining chairs, which offer a slender silhouette. Although the dining table’s base is quite hefty on its own, the sleek and seemingly gravity-defying chairs help to add visual lightness. The bold rug and light fixture further help to anchor the space.

Need further help selecting the right pieces for your small dining space? We’re here to help! Our design consultants are seasoned professionals, passionate about modern design and eager to provide you with thoughtful solutions to your design challenges, big or small. Set up a complimentary consultation here with one of our design consultants and get started on your project today!