The Essentials for a Modern Bedroom Retreat

Where you sleep should be the pinnacle of serenity, as well as a personal sanctuary away from your hectic life. Discover the pieces we think are key to turning your bedroom into a modern and relaxing retreat. 

The Bed

Serving as the centerpiece of the room, the bed is often the first piece you will want to select when decorating your bedroom. From there, it will be easier to select the remaining bedroom essentials. For a minimal and modern look, opt for a low-profile frame. For something a little more glamorous, consider a tall and tufted headboard. We offer a wide array of modern beds in luxurious leathers, soft fabrics, woods as well as eco-friendly leathers and wood veneers to suit just about any style preference. Shop and explore some of our favorites below!


Stylish Storage

Stylish storage–from compact nightstands and bedside tables to dressers, tall or wide–is key to keeping essentials organized and easily accessible. While dressers offer additional storage for larger items like clothing, bags, hats, and so forth, your bedside table is a little different. In fact, you can tell a lot about a person simply from their nightstand. A modern, compact side table with just enough surface area for a book or glass of water is the sign of a minimalist whereas an unconventional stool indicates a flair for eclectic style. Below, we’ve shared a few of our favorites in varying styles to help you determine the one that best suits your personality and needs.


The Bench

Both practical and stylish, we love a beautiful bench at the foot of the bed. Not only does it provide an extra place to sit, it also provides extra surface area for laying out outfits, a chic tray or a stack of your favorite books and magazines.


Focused Lighting

Lighting in the bedroom is key to creating drama and interest while remaining practical. We love using lighting with a dimmer effect in the bedroom as it not only adds ambiance but is also a practical option for those who share a bed. While nightstands flanked with table lamps tend to be the most commonly used lighting option in the bedroom, we also love the high drama effect of an oversized chandelier above the bed. For a more minimal look, consider hanging pendants above your nightstands. 


The Mattress

Cantoni Mattresses

Arguably the most important piece in the bedroom is your mattress. After all, it’s what you sleep on every night. Our mattresses are handcrafted from the finest materials to offer extreme comfort, support and breathability to ensure you have the best sleep of your life, every night.



Luxurious Linens

With the bed itself serving as the space’s major focal point, it’s important that it looks both beautiful and practical. Beds plush and layered with linens, a coverlet, and a duvet complete the look while creating a sense of ultimate luxury.



Quintessential Accessories

In addition to your bedding, decorative items like pillows and throws also help to complete the look, plus are essential for protecting against any midnight drafts. Your bedroom is one of the more personal places in your home, so why not opt for items that truly reflect your personality and style? Your favorite work of art above your bed or a decorative tray layered with delectable objects and your favorite candle will not only add interest to your space but help to create a comfortable space in which you’ll look forward to coming home to time and time again.

Now that you have all the essentials for creating your modern bedroom retreat, let our talented design consultants help you put it all together and for less during our Bedroom Event! Take advantage of our special savings along with our design services with a free one-on-one consultation. Click here to make an appointment!