How to Decorate with Mirrors

A designer’s secret weapon, mirrors are versatile design tools that can amplify light, make spaces appear larger, or add polish. Depending on their size, style, and placement, mirrors can also make either a bold or subtle statement in your home. Above all, mirrors are the perfect piece to complete any room. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite ways to decorate with mirrors of many shapes and styles to enhance and reflect the beauty of your home.

The Sunburst
Designed by the Cantoni Dallas Design Team | Photo by Michael Hunter

A classic design statement that can be dated back to the 17th century, the sunburst mirror continues to bring its irresistible charm to both modern and transitional interiors. Just as its name implies, these little rays of sunshine offer an instant interior pick-me-up and can be used as accents in the powder room or as a focal point over a console table as pictured in the entryway above.

The Floor Mirror
Designed by Pam Satterly, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Morgan Blake

A tall floor mirror leaned against the wall has the power to completely transform almost any room in your home. When placed in smaller quarters like a home office, it can help to create the illusion of a much larger space. Though often overlooked, the corner of a room–like the one pictured in the dining room above–is another great option and our personal favorite. 

The Double Duty Mirror
Designed by Mercedes Williams, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Morgan Blake

As if mirrors don’t already serve multi-purposes as light reflectors and room amplifiers, there are some that can also reflect the time. Perfect in your home office or placed above a console in the entryway, our Moment wall clock keeps you and your deadlines in check.

The Vertical Rectangle
Designed by Kohl Sudnikovich, Cantoni Atlanta | Photo by Morgan Blake

Classic and highly versatile, this shape is particularly ideal for tall rooms though it can work in a variety of other settings as well. Above the mantel is a common spot for this mirror to live as the focal point of the room. When hung on the wall directly opposite a window, it multiplies light to instantly brighten a room. In the bedroom pictured above, our Pose mirrors were hung adjacent to the window to capitalize on morning light. Using them in pairs also adds stunning depth. 

The Horizontal 

While tall rooms benefit from vertical mirrors, long rooms do better with a horizontally-shaped mirror. In fact, tall mirrors can actually make a room with low ceilings feel confined. The horizontal shape works best with lengthy pieces of furniture. Consider hanging one above a long console, sideboard, or bedroom dresser. 

The Round

More and more people are opting for round mirrors and with their versatile, easy to live with nature it’s no secret why. They add softness to a room made up of straight lines and are a welcome addition above linear or boxy furnishings. While a small round mirror can instantly elevate and brighten a dark and petite corner, a large round mirror can create a high-drama effect. A cluster of both arranged over a sofa or a console makes for a dazzling alternative to the gallery wall.

The Square

Alternatively, the square-shaped mirror adds structure and a cool, contemporary vibe. Simple yet impactful, the straight lines of a square mirror can bring the perfect balance to rounded, curvy furniture. We love a matching pair, hung side-by-side as it offers added dimension and makes for a visually interesting alternative to the horizontal shaped mirror.

The Oversized

Offering more than just the illusion of space, a large-scale mirror can anchor a room by creating a dramatic focal point. Make a statement by selecting one with a unique shape, like our Emerald Magnum mirror or add visual interest to a large, empty wall with one that has an eye-catching frame in wood or polished metal.


What are some of your favorite ways to decorate with mirrors? Let us know in the comments below!