Make an Entrance with a Fabulous Foyer

First impressions mean everything, especially when your entryway is typically the first thing people see in your home. While they are often overlooked, entryways are usually one of the most important rooms in your home and with these styling tips, you’ll be ready to make an entrance with your fabulous foyer.

Take a Seat

The perfect addition to fill empty space, benches provide a welcoming feeling and allow you or your guests immediate comfort upon entering your home. Whether you use it to take off your shoes after a long day or simply to place your belongings, benches such as the Zodiak Bench certainly make an elegant statement in any entryway.

Add Some Texture

Adding some texture to your entryway can make a statement as well as add visual interest. Combine that with the functionality of a console and you’ll have a piece that can serve multiple functions, from displaying your stunning accessories to house your personal belongings, such as purses and car keys. The Vintage Console #425 adds an organic touch, making this console an inviting piece that will warm up any foyer.

Make a Statement

Entryway consoles come in all shapes and sizes. If an organic aesthetic isn’t your cup of tea, try opting for a statement piece like the Wave or Rock Console Table. Both magnificent in their own way, these console tables will add an elegant twist to your entryway while providing an exciting focal point for anyone who enters your home.

Hang Loose

Coat stands offer both style and functionality, making them the perfect sidekick to your front door. While they vary in design, they all serve the same purpose: a place to hang your coat after a long day. Other than the obvious function, coat hangers like the Oscar Coat Hanger and the Memorabilia Stand, can be viewed as decorative pieces that create a warm and inviting feeling, almost as if they’re standing sculptures that are welcoming you home.

Making that first impression means everything, but what’s more important is how you style your entryway. Visit our website or your closest store location to find the perfect entryway products that will make your fabulous foyer uniquely your own.