Go Green This St. Patrick’s Day

Known for its luck, parades and abundance of green, St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday where lovers of this organic color can truly shine. Green is often associated with nature, life, and health and when placed inside your home, can create an air of liveliness, making guests feel more welcome. Take a look at some of our favorite green products that can make anyone – if not your entire home – feel a little lucky.

Color Drop Vase

Handblown by artisans in Poland, this beautiful and modern vase adds a burst of lime green to your space. Place in your home and fill with greenery for a complementary look or add vibrant flowers to make a bold statement.

Transloetje Lamp

Portable and transparent, this stylish wireless and rechargeable lamp adds a hint of green to your space, perfect for those wanting a subtle way to incorporate color.

Eden Botanical Outdoor Pillow

With a touch of modern whimsy, this pillow offers a fresh and fun addition to your outdoor space. Pair with white furniture to emulate an outdoor oasis or add to a colorful sofa for an eye-catching display.

Canicae Vase

Color block your vibrant green with other colors, such as the calming blue in this stunning glass vase. Place this on your tabletop or bookshelf for an added touch of elegance.

Bloquer III

Take your color to eye-level with this abstract painting that utilizes neutral colors such as white and brown that really make the blue and green hues pop.

Infinity Clock

Elegant yet whimsical, this table clock features a rocking structure and original pointers that, when met, create an intriguing visual effect. Stylish and functional, this clock can be placed in any room that’s in need of a statement piece.

Teddy Boy Lamp

With a nod to the original toy, this out-of-the-ordinary lamp is ideal for those who love subdued colors, making this a fun alternative to the traditional table lamp.

Bangla Vase

Add a sophisticated pop of color to your tabletop ensemble with these sage green vases. Pair together for a impressive display or place throughout your home for a cohesive look.

Incorporate these fun pieces into your home and who knows? You might just get a little lucky! Be sure to go green and check out the rest of our St. Patrick’s Day inspired products on our website.