Our Faceted Favorites

With its sharp edges and angular planes, faceted design is a trend that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. When curves are taken out of the equation, you’re left with a distinct appearance that can make almost anything appear artistic, instantly adding visual interest and textural diversity to whatever space its placed in.

Ideal for those looking to make a statement or simply add variety to their space, faceted design is versatile and looks impressive in any home. Whether you combine this linear-inspired trend with others of its kind for a truly eye-catching display or let it make a statement on its own, here are some of our favorite products that will aid in your faceted fascination.

Bangla Vases

The perfect pop of color to your home decor, the Bangla Vases can be arranged together for an eye-catching display or spaced throughout your home for colorful consistency.

Nerine Sculptures

Minimal and versatile, the Nerine Sculptures add a bit of modern sophistication to any table, desk or shelf with its ivory finish with even prism surfaces and clean lines that give modern class. Use them as a bookend, paperweight or just as a decorative object to elevate any room of your home.

Dare to Dream Mirror

Take this trend to eye level with the Dare to Dream Mirror. Angles of mirrored glass are boldly combined to create a stunning focal point and three-dimensional beauty. Ideal as a perfect greeting in an entryway or a mesmerizing statement in the bedroom, this mirror will dazzle in any space.

Sveva Arm Chair

Pair sophistication with this popular trend and you’ll get the Sveva Arm Chair. Featuring a stylish tailored design that offers a wide and comfortable seat, Sveva will instantly elevate your living space into one that is both modern and elegant.

Metropolis Collection

A break free of the traditional concept of modern furniture, the Metropolis Collection features a stand out base and is composed of a series of staggered vertical planes bonded together with different lengths, heights and angles. Place one to be the focal point of your space or acquire the collection to create a magnificent display.

Absolute Console Table

Beautifully crafted, the Absolute Console Table features a thick geometric marble base that will instantly add visual interest to your entryway, living room, dining room or bedroom.

Emerald Magnum Mirror

A magnificent display, the Emerald Magnum Mirror stands at over 6 feet tall and wide. This modern gem can be added to any space as a floor or wall mirror that you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.

Kayak 3-Door Sideboard

Stunning from all angles, the Kayak 3-Door Sideboard makes for the ideal focal point piece by adding visual interest and textural diversity to your space, all while providing adequate storage space for all of your personal belongings.

Oltre Dining Table

Beautifully crafted, the Oltre Dining Table features a geometric marble base and all over white Lilla marble to create the ideal dining table for a grand feast.

Gordon Deep Wood Dining Table

Appealing for its industrial look and use of mixed materials, the Gordon Deep Wood Dining Table combines an eye-catching geometric metal base with a live edged walnut top to create a dining table that is both impressive and inviting.

No matter how bold or subtle you wish to be, this elegant design trend has something for everyone. Take your space to the next level with these faceted favorites by visiting your nearest location, shopping on our website, or by contacting one of our seasoned designers for a complimentary consultation.