Summer Forecast: Must-Haves & Tips for a Stylish Outdoor Space

Warmer weather is here and that means it’s time to turn our decorating attention outdoors and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts. No matter the size of your space, it’s important that your outdoor area deserves the same amount of love as everywhere else! Keep reading to see our summer must-haves, plus tips on how to make the most out of your outdoor space while still staying stylish and cool.

Choose Your Level of Relaxation with Adjustable Chaises

Chaise lounges are the perfect seating option for lounging by the pool and soaking up some sun. With an easily adjustable back, sit up or sink into relaxation with these options that will make your outdoor space feel like a 5-star resort.

Consider Practical and Versatile Options for Your Outdoor Dining Space

How you design your dining area will depend on what you intend to use it for. Eating and drinking may be the obvious choice, but take into consideration that you can also utilize it as an entertainment space. Go for something functional and versatile that will match your style, but will also be able to take on the changing weather and your current entertainment situation.

Save Space with Stackable Seats

With stackable seats, you’ll never run out of seating. Whether it’s an impromptu dinner with friends, a casual get-together, or even a lack of backyard space, stackable chairs provide the additional seating you’ll need with a minimal footprint while also being durable and stylish so that you don’t have to sacrifice the look for the functional appeal.

Bring the Bar to You With Movable Bar Carts

Bar carts aren’t only for your dining room or indoor bar area – they’re also a perfect addition to your outdoor space for easy access to your favorite drinks at any time. Not only do they serve as a nice conversation piece, but they’re also compact enough to fit into a small or narrow space. And best of all, when you’re low on supply, you can wheel it back inside to replenish.

Interested in how you can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis? Our design consultants are seasoned professionals and love taking your ideas and making them a reality. Be sure and schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation and don’t forget to bring your ideas and inspirations so we can help you translate them into a space you’ll love!