Our “Triple C” Service Rises Above

Often times our designers are the ones you see and interact with the most but at Cantoni, it’s always a team effort! We take pride in our “Triple C” Service (Cantoni, Customer, Commitment) where everyone, from our designers to our logistics team, does everything in their power to make sure each and every customer leaves happy.

We always love hearing your high-praise and in this case, our amazing Customer Service Manager Dianne Briones was on the receiving end! Check out the testimonial:

“Hi Dianne,

I just want you to know how powerful good customer service leads to customer loyalty and continued business. When I dropped off my barstool on Friday, I was attracted to an art piece in the showroom that my husband and I are considering purchasing. I never would’ve seen that piece of art had I not had a necessity to stop into the store to exchange my stool based on your excellent customer service!

Thank you,


If you have ever received excellent customer service at Cantoni, we would love to hear from you! You can email your experience with us to info-email@cantoni.com or leave us a review on Google or Yelp.