Which Comfort Sleeper is Right for You?

Sleeper sofas can often be overlooked when shopping for furniture, but can provide a wide range of benefits. They can be particularly helpful when you are living in a small space, but can prove to be just as useful in a larger home.

And despite past thoughts on sleeper sofas and their comfort levels, now you no longer have to settle for an interior night’s sleep for your own guests. Times have changed and American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper actually promotes and encourages sleep.

Keep reading to discover some key tips on finding the right sleeper sofa for you.

What size should you buy?

Before you even think about purchasing a sleeper sofa, it’s important to know where it is going to go. Be sure to keep in mind extra space that you may need on either side of the sofa to ensure it doesn’t feel cramped once you finally get it in place.

Once you find your preferred spot, take some measurements and make sure there is enough space for the sleeper sofa to rest when fully open. If you are short on space, it’s important to consider finding a size that will maximize the size of the bed that fits within the sofa. The Comfort Sleeper is available in 15 different sizes so that you’ll find the right one for you, no matter what.

Does it provide comfort?

As you shop for your perfect Comfort Sleeper, be sure to test out many styles and configurations. The great thing about American Leather’s sleeper sofas is that they don’t come with any bars or springs, only genuine comfort.

Comfort Sleepers feature a patented, revolutionary platform bed system that offer a mattress that is a full 80 inches for maximum comfort, while still taking up less floor space than traditional sleeper sofas.

Every Comfort Sleeper mattress is customizable with these choices so that its comfort is unique to you:

Tempur-Pedic: American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper is the only sleeper sofa in the world that has Tempur-Pedic mattresses.

Gel: Provides a soft and cooling effect and even supports across pressure points for an even more comfortable night’s sleep.

Premier: A firmer, standard density foam mattress with Crypton® fabric mattress ticking.

And while a comfortable night’s sleep is important, it’s just as important for you to feel comfortable when sitting. Don’t forget to test the comfort level when the sleeper sofa is open and closed.

What style of upholstery should you go with?

While you want your Comfort Sleeper to feel amazing, you also want it to look amazing. Whether you go with fabric or leather is ultimately your decision based on you and your lifestyle, but given the number of beautiful, high-quality coverings available, there is no wrong answer.

However, there are a few things to consider that might aid you in the selection process:

The room: Fabrics give you almost an unlimited option of color, pattern, and texture options. If you have certain colors that you are trying to work with, fabric may be the way to go for you.

Leather is timeless and classic and is ultimately easier to manage than fabric. If you are starting from scratch or have an otherwise neutral room, leather is a great option that will certainly make a statement.

Busy lifestyle: If you have pets, children, or both, it’s a good idea to really think about what type of upholstery will work for your home.

Because leather is less porous than fabric, it makes it easier to clean and is less prone to snags and snares. However, fabric can also prove to be fairly durable, especially with Ultrasuede® and Crypton®. Both synthetic fibers, these fabrics are known for their stain resistance and durability.

Allergies: Are you or someone you live with prone to allergies? You should consider leather. Naturally hypoallergenic, leather is easier to dust and be cleaned of dirt and particulates. Fabric on the other hand is more likely to hold on to pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and other harmful allergens.

No matter your lifestyle, American Leather has a Comfort Sleeper for you. Be sure and visit our website to view available Comfort Sleeper products. If you’re having difficulty selecting the best one for you, connect with one of our designers for a complimentary consultation where they’ll happily guide you in your decision making.