5 Tips on Selecting the Perfect Sculpture for Your Home

Sculptures are a great way to elevate your space and tell a fascinating story about your personality and style. They come in all shapes and sizes, can be placed indoors or out, and are available in a wide variety of materials. The options are virtually endless, which can sometimes make it difficult when purchasing. But not to worry! Keep reading to see our 5 top tips on selecting the perfect sculpture for your home.

1. Location

The most important, and probably first, thing you consider when purchasing a sculpture, no matter the size – where is your sculpture going to live? You want to make sure your sculpture is going to be seen and have the greatest impact on you and your guests. For example, a six-foot tall metal sculpture may look good in a bedroom, but may have greater impact located in front of the house or in the entryway.

Another factor to consider is if the sculpture will live indoors or outdoors. This will ultimately narrow down the size and materials that you can work with.


An indoor sculpture allows for any type of material but size can be a limitation. Determine where you would like to place your sculpture and find one you like that is proportionate to the rest of your room. That way, the sculpture won’t feel too large or too small and will naturally become the main focal point of the space.


Outdoor sculptures make a big statement but require additional thought before purchasing. Keep in mind the climate of where you live and any sort of inclement weather you may have. You want to ensure your sculpture stays away from any extreme heart or water to avoid damage. It may also benefit you to plan for protection in case your sculpture is exposed to any extreme elements that may cause it harm.

2. Size

Second to location is the size of your sculpture. While we often want to go big or go home, sometimes smaller sculptures make a bigger impact! Make sure the sculpture you choose fits nicely into your home and strikes a nice balance. A common mistake is often the sculpture ends up being too small due to the fear of it being too large, so the piece ends up not being allowed to truly express itself. Your sculpture should stand as the focal point of the room and break up any monotony of your environment.

3. Color

Selecting your sculpture color is where it begins to get exciting. People often choose a sculpture that blends in with its background, so that it is barely noticed. You want your sculpture to stand out, so opt for colors not typically found in your home. Another way to really make your sculpture stand out with colors is to use a pedestal with a contrasting tone, such as cream with copper or white with black.

4. Material

No matter where your sculpture is going to live, material is important. Indoors, you have a lot more flexibility with your material of choice – you can pretty much go with anything that strikes your fancy. Outdoors however, you become more limited in your available materials. Materials such as metal, fiberglass and concrete are more suitable for outdoors, as they can endure more extreme elements . Metal sculptures, such as The Couple by Miren Itxaso, are perfect as they are the most durable material and will stand true over time.

5. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects and can often be overlooked, especially in an indoor space. You typically want your sculpture to be slightly more lit than the rest of its surroundings. If it is not placed near a window, something as simple as dimming a nearby light can do the trick. Even selecting subtle back lights or under lights can provide a soft light to your sculpture, naturally drawing attention to it.

No matter your space, sculptures are a great way to add inspiring pieces into your home. We hope these tips helped you in your decision-making on finding the perfect sculpture. Be sure and visit our website to view all of our sculptures – from floor and table sculptures, to even wall sculptures! Still having a difficult time deciding? Let us help you! Connect with one of our designers today and receive a complimentary consultation.