How to Style Sectionals to Perfection

Sectional sofas are a great choice when trying to maximize seating space. They give you the opportunity to mix and match any of the pieces to create the perfect sectional that fits your room’s layout and size. However, there are a lot of key factors to keep in mind when purchasing a sectional – things like configuration design and upholstery styles and colors, even decorative detailing. With that being said, it can sometimes be challenging deciding what is best for your space. That’s why we’ve provided you with some helpful tips that will hopefully guide you in your sectional decision-making.


Marlon 2PC Sectional – Left Arm Facing

LAF and RAF mean ‘left arm facing’ and ‘right arm facing’. This is often an important factor that needs to be thought about as it can totally change the look of your space depending on your decision. If your living area is pretty open, choosing a sectional where the chaise end is closest to the connecting room gives you the opportunity to close off your living room from the next room, almost acting like a divider or invisible wall.

Alternately, if you have a smaller space, try placing the arm end on the outside and the chaise end close to or against the wall. This will open up your space more, giving you more surface area for other furniture.

In the end, whether you choose a LAF or RAF sectional is ultimately your preference and becomes an easier decision when you know what space you’re working with.

Here are some of our favorite LAF and RAF sectionals:

Avanti Sectional – Right Arm Facing
Miami Sectional – Left Arm Facing
Lem Sectional – Right Arm Facing

Leather or Fabric?

Kendo 2PC Sectional

One of the most common questions you’ll face when shopping for a new sectional is “leather or fabric?” While most of the time the answer comes down to which look and style you like best, there are some important factors worth considering before making any final decisions.


Because leather is such a durable material, it outlasts in it’s always in style and becomes even more beautiful with age. Aniline leather develops a rich, unique patina and becomes softer and more comfortable over time.

Leather is also easier to maintain. Occasional vacuuming and wiping with a soft cloth is all that is necessary for general maintenance of leather sectionals.

Here are some of our favorite leather sectionals:

Regatta Sectional – Mist Leather
McQueen Sectional – Charcoal Leather
Wolf Sectional – Pearl Danka Leather


Fabric offers a variety of textures, patterns and colors that leather sometimes may not. This makes it easier to customize your sectional to best suit your style and personality.

Some fabrics nowadays come with stain protection manufactured right into the fabric, allowing clean up to become easier. In some cases, fabrics can also be treated with a water based stain repellent treatment before being upholstered so that people with a busier lifestyle can have peace of mind and not have to worry about ruining their new sectional right off the bat.

Here are some of our favorite fabric sectionals:

Oliver Sectional – Charcoal Chenille Fabric
Cubo Sectional – Black Velvet Fabric
Versa Grand Sectional – Stain-Resistant & Anti-Microbial Fabric

Decorative Detailing

Aston Sectional

While some sectionals are a blank canvas for your living area, others stand out as the main attraction. Decorative detailing, such as tufting and stitching, are equally important and can ultimately define your space with their eye-catching beauty.

Tufting can be described as when layers of fabric or leather are stitched together to create a pattern. Different kinds of tufting lead to different looks and aesthetics, allowing you to choose the right one for you and your space. On the other hand, stitching can often be the main feature on a sectional. Some sectionals have contrasting stitching that stands out against the fabric or leather, while some may have an unfinished edge that creates an effortlessly casual look.

Here are some of our favorite sectionals with decorative detailing:

Victor Sectional
Nautilus Sectional
Hollywood Sectional

Power Recliner

Verona Power Sectional

Enjoy relaxing on the sofa but wish you were a little more relaxed? Try a sectional with a power recliner! Now you can watch movies with friends and family or just have a lazy weekend relaxing and not even have to get up.

Here are a few of our favorite sectionals that feature power recliners:

Murano Sectional with Power Recliner
Elena Sectional with Power Recliner
Turin Power Sectional

Whatever your style or space, we hope these tips were helpful in guiding you in the right direction to your perfect sectional. Be sure to visit our website to browse all of our sectionals and if you’re in need of design services, connect with one of our designers today for a complimentary consultation, where they can assist in finding the right sectional for you.